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Patient APL

Patient Information

  • Procedure Type: CIT (Cole FUE)
  • Number of Grafts: 1600
  • Norwood Scale: Type 5

Below are photos of a Norwood 5 patient who came to our clinic in the fall of 2007. The patient has above average donor density of 93 follicular units per square centimeter with 80 being about the average. The patient's goal was to obtain conservative natural looking coverage to the front with a mature hairline. Dr. Cole successfully transferred approximately 1600 CIT grafts to the frontal third over a two-day period.

This particular patient chose to have a mature hairline for personal preference and wanted the “less-is-more” look and a lower overall density. This allows him to wear his hair short, giving him a thinning appearance as opposed to a bald look. This conservative approach is exactly what some men want. Not all men desire a low hairline with a fuller appearance. Some simply want to take the clock back in time a few years to frame their face while avoiding the appearance of being overly bald. It is possible to create a natural look with fewer grafts and a lower budget. In the future, the front may be thickened much further if the patient chooses. The patient may lose more hair in the future. A mature hairline gives the patient the option to lower the hairline at a later date. Not all patients want a full, thick head of hair. If the patient had desired a thicker look, Dr. Cole would have transplanted approximately 2500 grafts to the top and front. This patient is very pleased with the 6-month results on both the donor and recipient areas. The patient's growth at this point should be approximately 60 to 70 percent matured, and we can expect more growth in the next few months. The next goal of this patient is to add coverage in the crown to match the low density on the frontal scalp.

comparison with marks
before and after compariosn after 1600 cit grafts

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