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Alma TED Hair Restoration


Alma TED is a ground-breaking hair growth treatment that is entirely non-invasive and non-traumatic. Alma TED utilizes acoustic sound waves combined with air pressure to drive a powerful topical Hair Care Formula deep into the dermis layer of skin. It’s designed to increase blood flow to the scalp, optimize scalp health, and stimulate hair follicles to produce thicker, stronger, and healthier hair follicles.

In addition to boosting self confidence and quality of life, Alma TED offers these benefits without the discomfort and post-treatment shedding that is often experienced with other hair treatments and procedures on the market.

Key Benefits of Hair Restoration With Alma TED

Alma TED Hair Restoration Device

How Does Alma TED Work?

The Alma Ted Hair Restoration Device is the only ultrasound system that improves hair growth and enables medication delivery with acoustic sound waves, TED is a clinically validated low-frequency technology. The TED has a patented, proprietary hand-piece that is used to combine ultrasound and and air pressure. Cavitation from the Ultra Sound separates the skins collagen network of fibers enough so that a hair care formula can be delivered as deep as 4mm into the skin by the air pressure. There are no needles, so there is no pain.

The Alma TED Hair Care Formula is a proprietary product formulated with the help of a leading pharmaceutical company to increase the strength and Shine of your hair. This product consists of essential nutrients that support optimal hair growth and scalp health.


Results and patient experience may vary.


Alma TED is a 20-30 minute treatment that requires no downtime and inflicts no pain. Arrive with clean hair and without hair products applied to the scalp or hair.

During your consultation, we will assess your scalp to personalize the best treatment plan for you. Most treatment plans consist of atleast 3 treatments with results showing after the first treatment.

No Alma Ted treatments are not painful. You can expect to feel a warm sensation from the device and a ringing sound through the course of the treatment, but there in no pain involved.

Our Alma Ted Specialists in Atlanta & NYC are here to make your treatment experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

You can expect to see minor results after one Alma Ted Hair Restoration treatment, but it is recommended to have at least three treatments, one month apart, for optimal results.

The cost to provide this product will vary slightly based on the surface area we need to treat. For example, each vial will treat 30 square centimeters of the scalp. 

There is no rationale for treating an utterly bald scalp or areas where you have lost all hair using Alma TED. For those extreme cases we suggest an CIT-FUE hair transplant procedure.

Alma TED was developed to be used on patients who are experiencing hair shedding, hair loss or hair thinning. In general, any person suffering from hair loss or who wants to improve the overall thickness and appearance of their hair.

Most patients notice improvements within 2 weeks to a month after their first Alma TED Hair Restoration Treatment.

Additional treatments may be recommended by our Alma TED Specialists for optimal results. We recommend at least three treatments, performed one month apart, for the most optimal, ideal results.

Hair Restoration Results


If you’re bothered by thinning or shedding hair and its had an impact on your confidence & self-esteem, contact Dr. John Cole and his team of Alma TED Atlanta Experts at the Forhair Clinic.

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