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Forhair is a leading hair restoration clinic for both men and women. Dr. John P. Cole of Atlanta, Ga founded the clinic in 1990. His innovations and artistic skill have renown worldwide. A perfectionist, Dr. Cole's expertise and sympathy combine to produce the finest possible results. He brings groundbreaking solutions for pattern baldness, scarring, and other forms of hair loss. Forhair believes in a great patient experience. Each head of hair is different and we always emphasize the best possible solution for each individual, as our patients' hair transplant photos highlight. Dr. Cole's breakthrough innovation, Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), epitomizes this approach. An advanced type of FUE, CIT® minimizes scars and maximizes density. The technique also enables hair restoration specialists to accommodate each patient's features, ensuring a hairline that is both natural appearing and unique. Patients receive far better results without significant impact to the FUE hair transplant cost. Hair transplant methods include FUE (CIT®), non-shaven FUE (C2G), and Body Hair Transplant (BHT). We offer numerous treatments too, including an advanced form of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) we call Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP), ACell, Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP), and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Dr. Cole personally trains and supervises all Forhair physicians to ensure patients receive the most advanced care available.

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Begin Your Change Today - Our FUE Results Exceed Patients' Expectations

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Amazing Density and Coverage

Experience matters. Your specialists' familiarity with FUE impacts density, coverage, and accuracy. Forhair's use of minimal depth invasion leaves behind stem cells in donor areas. This encourages each patient's overall density and coverage. Hairlines are a particular specialty. Count on an all-natural appearance that is truly undetectable.

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Natural Undetectable Hairlines

Dr. John Cole has a longstanding reputation for replicating natural hairlines. Cole Isolation Technique, or CIT®, is Dr. Cole's premier version of FUE -Follicular Unit Extraction. CIT® particularly has repute for leaving zero noticeable scars. CIT® is a vast improvement over legacy strip surgeries like Follicular Unit Transplantation, or FUT.

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Zero Noticeable Scars or SMP for Free

Forhair patients leave completely satisfied. This includes zero noticeable scarring. In fact, we guarantee it. We offer Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) to anyone with noticeable scars after a Forhair procedure. SMP is a method that masks any scarring from hair transplants. These biodegradable pigments last for up to six years.

Groundbreaking Innovation and Superior Artistry

Dr Cole is the originator of FUE Hair transplant Technique in the western world. He is an innovator and a great Physician. Many Clinics around the world are using his Techniques and his Tools, like us here in HDC Hair Clinic.

A Practitioner and Contributor of FUE Since 2003

Founded in 1990, Forhair is among the first clinics to offer FUE. The clinic's founder, Dr.John Cole, has major acclaim for his innovative contributions and surgical artistry. Among other honors, he was on the Board of Directors of the American Board of Hair Restoration Society (ABHRS). This society is the only organization that certifies hair restoration expertise in the U.S.

One of the first U.S. specialists to practice FUE, Dr. Cole began teaching the method in 2003. His expertise, ideas, and involvement have led to lasting renown worldwide.

Art Hair Restoration

Forhair Keeps Raising the Standard

Forhair exists for its patients. First, that means remaining active within the industry. Dr. Cole was among the first diplomats of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), the only organization to certify hair restoration specialists in the United States. A doctor of international recognition, Dr. Cole additionally participates in the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Honors include an ISHRS research grant and the 2013 ISHRS Golden Follicle Award. Active in the Mediterranean, Dr. Cole's other recognitions include the Archimedes and Michelangelo Awards from the Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and a chairmanship on the Aegean Meeting for Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Cole's involvement and participation has helped inspire numerous advancements. These include genomic treatments and a full line of instruments to perform FUE/CIT® from Cole Instruments. Dr. Cole utilizes a full-time engineering and research team to ensure his clinics remain a step ahead of all hair transplant practices.

Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), is the least invasive FUE technique in the world. As our hair transplant photos showcase, the variant minimizes scarring while encouraging hair density. Using minimum depth extractions also leaves follicle stem cells in donor areas. This enables, for the first time, 30% to 40% donor follicles to regenerate with the addition of ACell. Put simply, this means for every 1,000 single extractions patients enjoy 300 to 400 new strands of hair. Such yields are a radical improvement. Hair transplantation, traditionally, is the act of relocating hair from one area to another -the amount of hair remains the same. CIT® is a pioneering FUE variant that also increases hair count!

Those considering FUE hair transplant cost can do no better.

Enjoy the Results You Deserve

40% of our patients request we correct other doctors' work!

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a vast improvement over Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). However, FUE truly depends on the skill of the surgeon. Most clinics lack the proven expertise of Forhair. Patients who try other clinics come to us with scarring, low hair yield, and unnatural looking hairlines. Forhair excels at repairing these other clinics' damage. Selecting us first guarantees the results you expect and deserve.

Good FUE work vs bad
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CIT (Cole FUE)

The Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®) is the Forhair group's specialized method of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

This method has several advantages over conventional FUE.

  • Less scarring
  • Greater density
  • More natural hairline

CIT® involves extracting transplants of one to four follicles and grafting them to the target area. Stem cells remain intact, maximizing yield.

CIT® also has an unshaven variant we call C2G. Application of treatments like ACell, CRP (PRP), and AmnioFix dramatically improve results.

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Scalp or Plug Repair

Repair surgery refers to improving the cosmetics of a previous hair restoration surgery.

Dr. Cole offers every type of hair transplant-related repair. These include:

  • Strip scar repair,
  • FUE scar repair
  • Hair plug redistribution
  • Hairline repair
  • Cobblestoning repair

Dr. Cole’s CIT® method can remove plugs and redistribute the hair follicles. This creates a far more natural appearance, particularly at the hairline. Concealing scars through SMP, meanwhile, allows patients to confidently wear buzz-cut hairstyles.

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Scar Grafting (Repair)

Strip method transplants cause noticeable scarring. Moderate hair length is sometimes unable to cover these scars. Short hair, obviously, is not an option for such patients...until now.

Scar grafting is the transplantation of follicles into scar tissue. CIT® is ideal for such procedures:

  • No new scarring
  • Exact placement
  • 97%+ follicle success rate
  • Quick recovery

Scar grafting only requires enough transplants to camouflage any sign of a linear scar. ACell and similar treatments help encourage this process.

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Body Hair (BHT)

CIT® is ideal for most people. Sometimes patients' viable donor areas, however, lack the prerequisite hair density.

A Body Hair Transplant (BHT) is oftentimes the solution. This method:

  • Uses all feasible hair from the scalp
  • Harvests hair from another donor site
  • Layers the two graft types for convincing results

The ratio between scalp and body grafts is essential. Skilled at the procedure, we are particularly careful with BHT. Candidates begin with a test case to estimate the transplant's growth yield.

Cellular Therapies: Enjoy Great Results Without a Hair Transplant Procedure!

New Therapies are Leading to Thicker, Faster-growing Hair

Our advanced form of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) we call Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP), and ACell therapies are the cutting edge of hair restoration. Each option activates hair growth and encourages scalp health. The overall effect? Denser hair that grows faster. Those in the first stages of hair loss are perfect candidates.Best of all, each treatment is also minimally invasive. CRP merely requires some blood work and injections while ACell only requires injections.

Our treatments also shine in conjunction with hair restoration procedures. Forhair's unique CRP serum is among the most effective in the industry; transplant patients enjoy 99% growth in 4 ½ months rather than 100% growth in 12 months. No other clinic, whatever the FUE hair transplant cost, can offer such quick results. We take great pride in the effectiveness of our treatments. Our ultimate motivation, though, is to deliver the best possible outcome to our patients. Faster growth means our patients can enjoy their transplants' effects that much sooner.

CRP (Cytokine Rich Plasma) & PRP

CRP (Cytokine Rich Plasma) & PRP

Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP) is an advanced version of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), a product derived from a patient’s own blood cells. As a treatment for hair loss, it is injected directly into the patient’s scalp. CRP/PRP particularly improves hair diameter and growth. Post-procedure, the serum's growth factors support the healing process and promote tissue regeneration. We often administer CRP/PRP with ACell as the two have complementary effects.

ACell - Surgical Matrix PSM

ACell - Surgical Matrix PSM

A serum that replicates occurring protein structures in our bodies, ACell repairs and remodels damaged tissue. Injected into the scalp, ACell activates dormant follicular cells that encourage hair growth. After a CIT® procedure, it also encourages stem cell remnants in donor areas to regenerate into working follicles. Incredibly reparative, ACell also minimizes scar tissue. Lastly, ACell drastically lengthens the effects of CRP/PRP.

No-shave FUE (C2G)

Receive FUE Without Wearing a Hat the Next Day!

Offering all of the advantages of CIT®, C2G also has one major benefit: no pre-procedure shaving! Dr. Cole's innovative tools are actually perfect for the method.

FUE vs No-shave FUE post-op donor

C2G is ideal for patients who value the best possible post-procedure appearance. Busy professionals particularly value the method's discreteness and short post-op recovery. Receive C2G today and return to the office immediately after. Forhair is among the first clinics to offer C2G.

Cole Instruments: Top Equipment for Top Results

Cole Instruments Tools

One of the world's first practitioners of FUE, Dr. Cole knows what it means to be an innovator and an advocate. New methods call for new instruments. One of the major hurdles for the first FUE surgeons was the lack of specialty equipment and utensils. This initial vanguard of FUE had to resort to generic equipment that, by and large, only makes performing FUE more of a challenge. Dr. Cole knew that specialty utensils would lead to better results and he designed a number of punches for his personal use. After finding greater success with these custom-made utensils he founded Cole Instruments in 2002.

Skill and experience will always play a huge role in FUE results. Equipment, though, also matters. Dedicated to research and improvement in the field, Dr. Cole is one of the foremost influencers of specialty FUE utensils and devices. Over 500 transplant specialists, and counting, use Cole Instruments -and for good reason. Cole Instruments' punches are the sharpest in the world and made from the highest quality materials. Such care and quality also show. Cole Instrument punches boast a unique design to minimize scars and have a transection risk rate of below 2.58%, the lowest in the industry. Dr. Cole's drive to continue innovating new and improved equipment is yet another sign of his philosophy to always put the patient first.

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WNT Act: For Her and For Him

WNT Act Hair Spray

The first take-home hair loss treatment equally effective for both males and females, WNT Act is a breakthrough topical spray that encourages hair restoration on a cellular level. Popular treatments like finasteride block the hair-loss causing androgen DHT but does little, if anything, to encourage hair growth. Minoxidil shampoos, on the other hand, most likely just encourage circulation in the scalp and are largely hit-and-miss for patients. Both finasteride and minoxidil are also generally more effective for males, though some females also enjoy results. WNT Act, meanwhile, uses the all-natural ingredient methyl vanillate to promote hair growth and hair width by stimulating WNT channels. A chemical pathway, WNT generates follicles and spurs hair growth.

As one ages, though, WNT levels decrease while levels of its inhibitor, the androgen DKK1, increase. Decreases in WNT and increases in DKK1 both lead to hair loss and hair miniaturization, or the shrinking of hair strands. WNT Act counteracts this chemical shift. Research indicates using the treatment increases WNT activity by 32% and decreases DKK1 activity by 21%. This leads to users enjoying significantly greater hair retention as well a 7% increase in hair density and 10% increase in hair diameter. WNT Act is also compatible with finasteride and minoxidil. Those using all three treatments stand to increase overall hair density by over 20%.

Groundbreaking Innovations in Stem Cell Therapy!

Follicular Stem Cell Suspensions involve collecting biopsies from the scalp and then isolating tissue that contains stem cells. From this tissue, specialists create a serum they then inject into thinning or balding areas of the head. Follicular Stem Cell Suspensions are the first therapy, aside from hair transplants, that increase hair count in a balding or thinning area. After 23 weeks, research indicates, patients' total hair density increases anywhere from 34% to 24%.

An altogether new form of hair restoration therapy, Dr. Cole will continue researching this promising new way to encourage hair growth, hair diameter, and hair count. Results will likely improve as the therapy matures. Some specialists even believe that it may, for the very first time, enable patients to generate follicles where there was none before.

Stem Cell

1 - 2 months results following injection of follicle stem cell

Why Forhair Hair Transplantation?

Hair restoration procedures like FUE are the most effective treatment for hair loss. Done properly, such procedures are permanent, quick to heal, and achieve a natural look. Modern hair restoration procedures minimize scarring. In fact, Forhair emphasizes zero noticeable scars. Dealing with an unfortunate result from another clinic? CIT® will help add density and improve the appearance of hairlines. Our range of scar-correcting procedures, meanwhile, help render most scars unnoticeable. Forhair hair restoration procedures are performed by experts using the latest techniques. This approach recreates a head of hair indistinguishable from your original. Exceptional dedication leads to exceptional results.


10 Good Reasons to receive CIT®

  • CIT® is less invasive and does not leave a tell-tale linear scar
  • Faster and less painful recovery
  • Low transection rate of under 3 percent
  • Natural hair lines and optimal aesthetic results
  • Maximal graft survivall
  • Maximizes donor hair for harvesting
  • Allows physician to “cherry-pick” grafts that will result in an optimal yield
  • CIT® is virtually undetectable
  • Can be performed even when the scalp is too tight for a strip procedure
  • C2G is a un-shaven version of CIT®, no need to shave your head!

Video Consultations Benefit YOU First

We believe in outreach at Forhair. You have a life, a schedule, an opening...but it might not be our opening for your exact location. We appreciate the difference that five minutes makes. Sign up for a video consultation to save yourself the pain of commute. We only require 720p to offer an accurate assessment of your situation and its best solution. After analysis, we can schedule a procedure or an appointment for further review. Never settle for second best. Forhair is one of a few global clinics based in the Southeastern United States. Sign up today for a live consultation with our foremost hair restoration experts.

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Experience and Reputation Matter!

John Peter Cole, MD
John Peter Cole, MD| Medical Director |
Hair Transplant Surgeon, Atlanta GA
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Krystallia Kyparissou, MD| Hair Restoration Doctor |
Hair Transplant Surgeon, Athens Greece
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Yannis Venetsanos, MD| Hair Restoration Doctor |
Hair Transplant Surgeon, Athens Greece
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Forhair holds some of the highest honors available to any doctor or clinic in the U.S.

Dr. Cole is a top-ranked hair transplant doctor in the U.S. according to HairSite's independently verifiable patient statistics.

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Our patients just love us...

Now that i've got my full head of hair back, I can laugh , joke and be confidant. It's important to find the right person, the right surgeon to do the job correctly and i was very fortunate to find Dr. Cole

Dr Cole was fantastic in every way. Now that it worked, and I like the results.
My view of Dr Cole has gone up again for what done for me.

Forhair Is with You from Start to Finish

Selecting Forhair means more than picking superb results; it means choosing a practice that actively supports its patients. Communication is vital. Expect honest, thorough, and informative consultations. You deserve to know all of your options when considering a transplant or treatment. We also emphasize creative solutions for unique or challenging cases. Our custom plans bring incredibly positive results for those dealing with scalp scars, "pluggy" appearing transplants as a result of FUT, or other predicaments.

Just as important, part of ensuring ideal results is post-op care and maintenance. We fully explain how to best foster scalp health and hair growth during the recovery phase. Patients often have questions and concerns. Unlike most clinics, we stress proactiveness and fast response times. The truth is that we also prefer keeping tabs on our patients' developing results. This enables us to remind them about proper post-procedure care to avoid the very rare hurdle or mishap. Minimally invasive, recovering from CIT® is particularly straightforward and simple. Patients can go about their usual business, with some limitations, the day after their procedure. Our belief in quality post-procedure support reflects our dedication to a superior patient experience.