By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

SMP – Scar Repair

Procedure: SMP (scalp micropigmentation)

SMP (scalp micropigmentation) is often essential for rendering scars unnoticeable. This case is among the 40% or so of Forhair patients who request we correct work from previous clinics. An unfortunate result of an ARTAS procedure, the patient was left with a noticeable pattern of scars. SMP for hiding these obvious signs of transplantation is a particular specialty; each patient requires unique considerations. The attention to detail is worthwhile, as our results show.

Front View

SMP Front

Left Side

SMP left view

Right Side

SMP right side


Close-Up Front

SMP front close-up view

Front View 2

SMP front view 2

Front View 3

SMP front view 3

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