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Over 500 Hair Transplant Surgeons use Cole Instruments, Forhair's Official tools.

Cole Instruments Incorporated (CII) produces tools specifically for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair restoration surgeons. More than 500 surgeons worldwide use Cole Instrument tools, and for good reason. Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), Dr. Cole’s namesake contribution to FUE, is the only FUE technique that uses minimal invasion to eliminate noticeable scars and leave stem cell remnants in donor areas. The application of ACell enables 30% to 40% of all donor follicles to regenerate. Such a significant yield, as well as Dr. Cole’s artistry and expert instruction, is why so many physicians opt to train under Dr. Cole and use his custom instruments.

As a rule, Cole Instruments decrease the follicular transection rate and improve the hair transplant process. CII manufactures four different styles of punches to accommodate the needs of patients and surgeons. They include the Classic CII Punch, Serrounded Punches, CII Best Value Non-Coated Punches, and the CII Best Value Titanium Nitride Coated Punch. Each has its own characteristics that make it unique. These punches feature hardened steel to produce the sharpest achievable punches.

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One of the world’s first practitioners of FUE, Dr. Cole, knows what it means to be an innovator and an advocate. New methods call for new instruments. One of the major hurdles for the first FUE surgeons was the lack of specialty equipment and utensils. This initial vanguard of FUE had to resort to generic equipment that, by and large, only makes performing FUE more of a challenge. Dr. Cole knew that specialty utensils would improve results and designed several punches for personal use. After finding greater success with these custom-made utensils, he founded Cole Instruments in 2002.

Skill and experience will always play a huge role in FUE results. Equipment, though, also matters. Dedicated to research and improvement in the field, Dr. Cole is one of the foremost influencers of specialty FUE utensils and devices. Over 500 transplant specialists, and counting, use Cole Instruments -and for a good reason. Cole Instruments’ punches are the sharpest in the world and are made from the highest quality materials. Such care and quality also show. Cole Instrument punches boast a unique design to minimize scars and have a transaction risk rate below 2.58%, the lowest in the industry. Dr. Cole’s drive to continue innovating new and improved equipment is yet another sign of his philosophy always to put the patient first.


Punches from CII are available in multiple sizes, ranging from 0.85mm to 1.30mm. These tools also complement each other.

  • The Classic CII Punch is for use with the CIT® Manual Punch Handle
  • Serrounded Punches are specifically for the Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID)

Each of these punch sets orient around Dr. Cole’s experience and innovation. Cole Instrument punches feature thorough designs, top-caliber materials, and thorough testing.

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Transection Rates And Punches

The CIT® Manual Punch Handle accommodates punches from 0.85mm to 1.35mm. The only device of its kind for performing the manual Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), the CIT® Manual Punch Handle is the only of its type that uses the minimal depth principal. Manual CIT® yields the lowest rate of transection and is faster than any other type of manual FUE.

The PCID, meanwhile, is the only mechanical device on the market for FUE. It has the lowest rate of follicle transection of any mechanical device on the market. Not only is the PCID faster than manual CIT®, it is also 2 to 3 times faster than other mechanical extractors. Both of these devices allow for minimal depth control and decrease the risk of damage to the hair follicle. In fact, using these tools, Dr. Cole has a transection rate of less than 3%.

Punches Are Never Permanent

Punches are pricey. Surgeons looking to cut costs will often use a single punch on up to four different patients. Experts well know that such repeat use diminishes results. All punches, of every brand and make, will dull. Most punches effectively harvest between 400 and 1000 follicles before transection rates dramatically increase. Surgeons should always, always change punches during a procedure to maintain the sharpest cutting edge possible. Further, surgeons should always dispose of used punches.

Punches are too sharp to simply re-use. Their punch wall diameter is under 0.1 mm, impossible to re-sharpen like a knife. Hair restoration surgeons, therefore, should default to the sharpest punches available. This means Cole Instruments. Those who use our punches have patients with better coverage from fewer grafts. We absolutely oppose sacrificing results for better returns -unlike many hair transplant surgeons. This rule also goes for our design and manufacturing process at CII.


At Forhair we believe patients deserve the best results possible. This is exactly why Dr. Cole puts so much care and research into the equipment he designs and personally uses. Physicians see the difference, patients see the results.


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