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Hair Cycle Products


There are many facets to encouraging hair and scalp health. A diet high in protein, for instance, is important for keratin production. Similarly, daily multivitamins can improve hair thickness and sheen. One of the most critical treatments to encourage hair growth and retention, however, are specialty hair care products.


Understanding how Hair Cycle products benefit patients requires a quick review of hair growth cycles. These occur in three phases:

Hair growth cycle begins changing as someone ages. Specifically, less follicles enter the anagen phase, remaining hair strands receive less nutrients, and scalp follicles switch from growing terminal hair (real hair) to growing vellus hair. Hair Cycle products help counteract these effects, encouraging greater thickness and health. As important, it helps prevent greater hair loss by counteracting hormones that encourage it.

Hair cycle products

Many hair care products claim to boost growth or thickness. Few, though, are specially formulated to also discourage thinning and baldness. Enter Hair Cycle. This brand incorporates popular treatments while promoting overall hair health.

Hair Cycle products feature specialized formulas tailored to effectively grow and retain hair. Ideal for general use, Hair Cycle also includes products for post-transplant recovery and styling. Such variety helps patients enjoy the best possible results while also looking, and feeling, their best.


Numerous hormones affect hair growth, loss, and retention. For instance, the introduction of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) changes follicles’ strands from growing terminal hair to vellus hair. This hormone, in turn, comes from 5-alpha-reductase (5AR) -a result of testosterone.

Aging is also a factor for hair loss. Most prominently, follicles receive less nutrients from the scalp. This leads to unhealthy appearing hair, at best, and miniaturization at worst. Topically applying the proper type of nutrients is essential to encourage growth, density, and retention.


Hair Cycle’s line of products, typically, is custom-tailored to counteract this type of hormonal interaction. This, in turn, prevents hair loss while encouraging hair growth. A groundbreaking line of hair products that combat hair loss, Hair Cycle is also effective for both men and women.



Ingredients in Hair Cycle products include nitric oxide precursors, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and topical anti-androgens. Each of these addresses the hormonal and dermatological aspects of balding. More intrinsically, different Hair Cycle products bring different benefits.

 Many are custom tailored encourage post-procedure recovery. Hair Cycle’s best examples include the Post Biotin Spray and Post Surgical Gel.


Each Hair Cycle product offers important benefits. For instance, the Post Biotin Spray is a rich blend of antioxidants. This accelerates wound healing, relieves itching, and soothes the scalp following surgery. It also keeps the scabs moist, encouraging quicker recovery and protecting the scalp from harsh environmental elements. The Post Biotin Spray is particularly great for regulating post-procedure crust while speeding recovery and overall hair growth. The donor area, in turn, is less susceptible to scarring and redness.


Hair Cycle specially formulates its Biotin Gel, meanwhile, to treat the surgical scars in donor areas. It provides a rich blend of essential nutrients, growth stimulants, antioxidants and soothing factors. This heals extracts to reduce redness, swelling and soreness. Patients are more comfortable their tissue heals faster as a result. Other Hair Cycle products include Hair Cycle Shampoo, Hair Cycle Conditioner, Hair Volumizing Spray, and Texture Gel.


Effective application of Hair Cycle products also matter. For example, patients should work the Hair Cycle Shampoo into a lather and then let it sit for two minutes. The anagen stimulators, over this time, will penetrate the scalp and release DHT inhibitors. Most patients should then apply the Hair Cycle Conditioner as it then adds a layer of strength and protection to the hair. Leave on for three minutes and rinse off. Patients then may add Hair Volumizing Spray, Texture Gel, and other products for style.


Hair Cycle brings numerous strengths to hair retention. This includes fostering a healthy scalp and encouraging hair density. Balancing the ingredients’ effects is critical for such benefits. This includes optimal wound healing, hair growth, and retention of follicles. Beneficial for just about anyone, Hair Cycle products are specifically ideal for post-procedure recovery. Nutrition is essential to encourage follicular growth -regardless of hair transplantation procedures. Ultimately, Hair Cycle products leave hair soft and manageable while encouraging hair growth and thickness. Find out more by visiting the Hair Cycle website.

Hair cycle application

“I used to get upset looking in the mirror and seeing less hair. Now I am getting excited when I look in the mirror, because there seems to be a little more each time I look. I don’t have any wild allusions that it is all going to come back, but I feel I am getting pretty damn good results from a shampoo. That is all I am using besides occasionally using the Hair Cycle conditioner and once a week I use Nizoral. I wanted to post this for two reasons. First and foremost, I found something that works awesome and wanted to share it. Second, I wanted to see if anyone else had similar results from this shampoo. Why have I not heard about this stuff being awesome before? Do people that use this shampoo typically use Fin and Rogaine as well? I am in shock that I am getting hair regrowth by using a little shampoo each day.”

Here are some examples of patients that used HairCycle after surgery:

Case 1- 10803 grafts

Before haircycle
Post surgery
After 6 days

Case 2- 1900 grafts

After 1 week

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