By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

Hair Transplant 2502 grafts FUE

Procedure: CIT (Cole FUE)
Number of Grafts: 2502
Norwood Scale: 3A
Additional Treatments: CRP (Cytokine Rich Plasma), ACell

The following patient, classified as Norwood Type 3A, underwent a significant hair transformation with Dr. Cole in 2015. The initial procedure involved 2500 grafts to create a higher, more mature hairline that would look natural and aesthetically pleasing for decades. Despite his above-average donor density, future hair loss was anticipated, making the mature hairline a strategic choice. The procedure was enhanced by standard PRP and ACell treatments. Typically, such a procedure reduces donor availability by 25%, but five years later, he still had an above-average donor density. In a subsequent session, Dr. Cole successfully implanted 2502 grafts using the Advanced FUE technique, further enhanced by CRP and ACell.

Front View

Hair Transplant 2500 grafts FUE

Top View

Hair Transplant 2500 grafts FUE

Left Side

Hair Transplant 2500 grafts FUE

Right Side

Hair Transplant 2500 grafts FUE

Left Side Collage

Before after collage left

Right Side Collage

Before after collage right

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