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By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

How to Achieve Great Hair Transplant Results with Small Sessions?

The Norwood Scale is used to classify the extent of hair loss in men suffering from male pattern hair loss. The scale includes 7 classes, with level 7 having the most extensive level of hair loss. We recently had a patient in our office presenting as a Norwood 3A. Patients diagnosed as 3A present with hair loss in the frontal hairline and vertex area.

Early hair loss in the crown area can also be visible among patients in this category. This particular patient received 2701 total grafts over four procedures. Due to his personal budget, he opted to undergo multiple transplants and receive a small number of grafts each time. Many patients may find themselves in this same situation, wanting to undergo a hair transplant but unable to afford a large, expensive procedure. If that is the case, this is has proven to be a great solution. A limited budget does not mean you cannot achieve the level of coverage you desire, so you shouldn’t let your budget interfere with the results you wish to achieve.

Rather, you can still achieve your desired result a little at a time. This patient became familiar with Dr. Cole after moving to the Atlanta area a few years ago. Dr. Cole’s signature non-invasive, non-shaven CIT procedure fit his needs perfectly. He underwent 4 procedures over a 12-month period and noted that not even his hairdresser could detect he had transplant surgery. Although CIT may seem to be a bit more expensive, the cost really pays off with results like these. Additionally, no one can detect that a hair transplant was done even just 2 – 3 days after undergoing the procedure. His hair has been transformed to look the way it did when he was a 30-year-old man. Who wouldn’t want to look 20 years younger in just 1 year? These gradual results definitely paid off for our patient. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you too may want to consider several small FUE sessions to achieve a great result.

How to Achieve Great Hair Transplant Results with Small Sessions?, Forhair

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