By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

HairDX – A New Genetic Test that Predicts Hair Loss

HairDX Genetic Test for hair loss

What’s the number one reason for baldness? Your genes! HairDX is probably the first direct-to-consumer genetic test available. This new screening test is designed specifically for men and claims to help predict men’s future follicle count. To quote the site, “What HairDX does it helps men in their earliest phases of hair loss recognize their risk for experiencing androgenetic alopecia”. Specifically, it measures two genetic variants connected to hair loss. Obviously, HairDX is ideal for both younger men and those who notice some thinning and are concerned about its progression and severity.

“There is a new genetic test to determine your risk for male pattern baldness,” Dr. Cole explains. “The test looks for a genetic marker on the X chromosome. Men who carry a specific androgen receptor gene variant are at a 60% risk of going bald by the age of 40 according to several studies. Men who carry the less common genetic variant of the same androgen receptor gene have a greater than 85% chance of not going bald before the age of 40. It has been determined that 95% of bald men carry the high-risk variant in studies to date.” The logic goes that the test’s evaluation helps trichologists and hair restoration surgeons predict hair loss and take proper action, be it prescribing hair retention treatments or planning for hair restoration surgeries



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