By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

Patient VCR had his first transplant in 1989. The procedure was a success and he was happy with the results for a while. Unfortunately, the patient continued to experience more hair loss. After each passing decade, the transplants stayed while his existing hair continued to fall out. The only treatment available to him during the time was Propecia. The risk of adverse side-effects from Propecia prompted him to avoid the medication. Regenerative treatments were not available, and the patient let his hair go. The results of not having started any form of preventatives were a goofy, apparent appearance that a transplant had been performed. While the patient was happy to have some hair rather than none, it still bothered him having such a sparse amount. His goal was to create a bridge connecting his previous transplant to his donor area and filling in the frontal tuft. During his consultation, it was recommended to avoid building the hairline any lower.

Patient Information

  • Procedure Type:CIT (Cole FUE)
  • Norwood Scale:Type 7
  • Additional Treatment:CRP (Cytokine Rich Plasma), ACell, ATP
  • Number of Grafts:3000
Patient VCR, Forhair

Dr. Cole recommended filling up the front. The lack of donor and the huge gaping hole in his crown prevented full restoration. Rather than looking silly, with a low broad frontal hairline and a Joe Biden bottomless pit behind it, The patient opted for a more conservative approach. Thus, Doctor Cole built a more natural mature hairline. One that is common in men who experience isolated vertex loss. This procedure consisted of 3,000 grafts, C.R.P, A-cell, A.T.P, and a post-op kit. The patient has begun annual C.R.P treatments to avoid progressing to a Norwood 7. The biggest mistake most patients make is not starting regenerative medicine and or medical therapy sooner. Had these treatments been more readily available 30 years ago, the patient would be in a far better position than now.


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