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By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

Tips for Hair Loss and Fast Hair Growth

How to avoid hair loss. tips

Fast hair growth tips for male hair loss The following article provides some fast hair growth tips for male hair loss. The first fast hair growth tip I would like to provide is to find out the cause of air loss as soon as possible, and then choose for best hair loss treatment products and solutions after you are thoroughly informed. Besides the medical treatment, there are many safe herbal supplements that can serve as excellent male hair growth products if you are suffering from pattern hair loss.

Most men experience hair loss and this can be very agonizing. If you are looking for tips for hair loss and fast hair growth, then you have to be ready to take good care of your hair. Let’s start with first finding out what the cause of your hair loss is. Once you know what the cause for hair loss is, then you can go ahead and look for the best hair loss treatment products and other solutions. If you are suffering from male pattern hair loss, you must know that over and above medical treatment, you will also find a host of herbal supplements, which can help you with hair growth.

If you are experiencing sudden hair loss, you should know that this sudden loss of hair could be manifested because of acute stress levels or it could be attributed to sudden poisoning or toxicity in the body because of some toxic metals. It is important that you know what is causing the hair loss, before you starting using any medication. Stress and hair loss go back together a long time. When the body experiences stress, a large number of vitamins, proteins, and minerals are lost through one’s urine. This sudden loss of nutrients can often be a cause of hair loss in men.

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Stress could also be caused due to certain illnesses like scarlet fever; it could also be followed by pregnancy and other illnesses. Cortisol levels are known to increase when one is stressed. The adrenal glands produce the hormone called cortisol, which has a number of very important functions. However, large amounts of it being secreted can cause bone loss and hair loss as well. If through saliva testing, the levels are found to be high, treatment to normalize the levels can be prescribed. This program has achieved 100% efficiency in restoring fast hair growth in men.

Chronic hair loss in men is usually caused due to nutritional and hormonal factors, or even slow chronic toxicity. These toxins can interfere with hormonal substances and nutrients, which are responsible for hair growth. Some toxins could also interfere with gland functioning and cause damage to hair follicles. In order to assess nutritional deficiency caused due to reduction of vitamins and minerals, proper testing of blood, urine and also hair (for tissue levels) should be carried out. One should not just guess the problem by symptoms, because excess nutrients can also produce the same symptoms.

Testosterone is responsible for male pattern baldness, it or its receptors (Dihydrotesterone) cause the condition when the levels are too high. There are indeed a number of DHT blockers available, which work better than medicines, but have a host of side effects. Today, many natural supplements are being deployed as well, which can help the body produce the hormone naturally. Traditional Chinese medicines are available to treat male pattern hair loss. Saw Palmetto is one such herbal male hair growth treatment supplement, which is used as a fast hair growth product widely today.

Green tea hair growth products are indeed becoming very popular too. They offer great antioxidant benefits and are very high in polyphenols. The herbal constituents of green tea contain a large suite of key components that are known to block DHT from binding to hair follicles. Estrogen and copper both are antagonistic towards zinc, the deficiency of which causes hair loss. Today, new vitamin formulations are being developed that help lower copper levels and balance estrogen in the body. Mercury, Calcium, Lead, Copper, and Aluminum cause hair loss. Other elements such as Chromium, titanium, arsenic, and manganese may also be involved. Hair loss could also be caused by toxicity caused due to lithium and selenium. Toxic metal will not show in a blood test unless the levels of poisoning are really high. However, this toxicity will surface in hair and fingernails if the person is suffering from long term and slow exposure to these metals.

This kind of exposure to metals is widespread and does not move out of the body easily. They tend to accumulate in the joints, liver, bones, and even other organs and glands of individuals. They can only be removed by taking certain vitamins, which will help drive them out. The EPA recognizing hair testing as a test for toxic metals. Testing is important to learn the extent of the damage and also to understand what corrective action needs to be taken to restore the hair growth process by studying the potential your body holds.

Chemical toxicity from a variety of sources can cause hair loss. Chemotherapy, thallium compounds, and many other medications can contribute to hair loss. Check with your pharmacists to know if the medicines you are consuming are causing your hair loss.


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