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The strip technique (Also known as FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant or FUG) is a method of treating hair loss in which hair grafts are extracted and then implanted in the patient’s balding areas.  This technique uses a blade to cut out a strip of scalp tissue from the back and/or sides of the head; this strip is then “slivered” into small pieces which are further divided into the individual follicular units (natural groupings of hairs) using a microscope.  The surgeon then carefully sews or staples the wound, aiming to achieve the smallest possible linear scar.

Strip harvesting for hair transplant surgery has been around in various forms for several decades.  Only in the 1990s did using a single blade become common practice; this marked a big improvement over previous techniques using multiple blades.  To date, one of the biggest drawbacks to a strip procedure is the linear scar that it leaves.  It is difficult to predict the eventual width of a scar though skilled physicians can generally keep them to ½ a centimeter or less.  The advantage of choosing this hair transplant method is that more hair can be taken in a shorter time, and the procedure will be slightly less expensive than CIT®.  Some individuals are fine with having a strip scar, though many grow to regret them as their hair loss progresses.  Prospective patients must bear in mind that their hair must be kept long enough to cover the strip scar since shorter styles may further expose it.  Regardless, a strip procedure is worth considering if your goal is to quickly treat hair loss with a large number of grafts in a short span of time.

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