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What is ACell and What are the Benefits?

  • ACell is an extracellular matrix product that speeds healing.
  • ACell attracts and directs stem cells resulting in the regeneration of new hair follicles on the donor site.
  • CIT is a minimal depth technique that leaves follicle stem cells in the donor area; ACell activates these stem cells and aids hair regeneration.
  • ACell treatment also improves the appearance of the donor area following surgery.
Please take a moment to complete all fields and required information in the forms below, including your hair restoration goals and any questions you have. If you have questions or any trouble completing the form, please email us at:


Consultation Details

1. Age: (Required)
2. What color is your hair?
3. What color is your skin?
4. Which best describes your natural hair?
5. What is the texture of your hair?
6. What is your ethnic background?
7. Select which closest to your hair loss condition when your hair is wet:

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8. At what age did you begin to notice hair loss?  
9. What are your hair restoration goals and what would you like to achieve for example: restore the front hairline, mid scalp, back, or your entire balding area with CIT, Strip or BHT)?
10. Have you consulted with a doctor about your hair loss condition?
With Whom?
11. What treatment, if any, was recommended?
12. Have you ever had surgical hair restoration performed?
With Whom?
13. Have you treated your hair loss with any of the following?
 Saw Palmetto
14. Do you have any medical issues?
15. What is your family hair loss history?
16. Do you currently wear a hairpiece?

17. Please add any additional questions or comments:

Upload Your Photos

Please ensure you upload photos that are clear and capture all of the views shown in the examples below:
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It is helpful if you rename the images to describe the angles.
(Example - "front.jpg" or "crown.jpg").
Please wet and comb your hair back for the front view photo.
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This form does not replace an actual in-person consultation.
It is merely intended to provide us with an initial idea of your hair condition and hair restoration goals.
With all of this information, we can provide you with an informed assessment and hair restoration plan.

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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

All of you has helped me to change my life into something great. I can now finally show everybody the great guy I am…..and now I no longer have to hide behind some terrible hair.

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