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The Cole Hair Transplant Group in Atlanta, GA holds the highest honor of any doctor or clinic in the U.S. according to HairSite's patient statistics.
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Award Winning FUE Hair Transplant - Atlanta

Golden Follicle AwardJohn Peter Cole, MD of Atlanta, Georgia is world renowned and respected for his advancements in the field of hair transplantation. Dr. Cole was the first hair restoration physician in the U.S.A to offer FUE to his patients. He developed an improved version of FUE and performs hair transplant surgery based upon follicular unit extraction, called CIT® (Cole Isolation Technique). His method of extraction uses minimal depth and minimal invasion. Minimal depth FUE leaves stem cells behind, enabling follicle regeneration when using extracellular matrix products such as ACell. Dr. Cole is a perfectionist. His expertise, skillfulness, innovative techniques, and sympathy combine to produce the finest possible result for all who may be suffering with androgenic alopecia, scarring, and other forms of hair loss. We are the only practice that has developed a full line of instruments to perform FUE/CIT, and we sell them to physicians throughout the world. We are the world leaders in FUE, and Dr. Cole is known for his beautiful hairlines and natural results.

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FUE+ is a term used to include all follicular unit extraction techniques employed by Dr. Cole. These include his specialized form of FUE known as the Cole Isolation Technique (CIT), the unshaven method of CIT or C2G, and the application of treatments like ACell, PRP, and AmnioFix. His procedures require the use of specialized surgical instruments that he created. Dr. Cole has developed and perfected his instruments and uses them exclusively during every surgery. Some of the advantages of Dr. Cole’s advanced instrumentation include precise depth control, patient specialization, varying punch sizes, and decreased transection rates. Precise depth control is especially important when performing hair transplants as it enables minimal depth extraction and leaves stem cells behind. These stem cells left behind from the hair follicles can then be activated by treatments such as ACell, PRP, and AmnioFix. These products aid in regeneration of donor hair follicles, which currently averages around 50%.

Dr. Cole is known for his beautiful, natural hairlines. Conversely, legacy strip procedures commonly result in unnatural hairlines. With strip surgery, the surgeon is limited to using hair contained within the strip that is removed. Often times, this strip does not contain enough fine caliber hair to build a natural hairline. Because a natural hairline cannot be built from coarse hair, most strip hairlines look artificial to the point of drawing attention. CIT, on the other hand, does not limit the available donor hair supply as strip surgery does. With CIT, individual follicular units are precisely selected from the most suitable donor source. CIT FUE is not constrained to a specific strip of hair, and therefore, transplants performed under this technique build the basis toward a more beautiful and natural looking hairline.

C2G provides all of the advantages of CIT without the need for our surgical technicians to shave your head. The same specialized tools can be utilized for either of these two methods. If you are considering hair restoration surgery and want to maintain the highest level of post-surgery appearance, then C2G is your best option. C2G is the preferred hair restoration technology of busy professionals who must continue their in-person business interactions shortly after surgery. Patients who wish to maintain autonomy regarding their surgery may prefer this technique. Patients can leave the office following surgery and shortly return to the public eye with no noticeable signs of having undergone a transplant. Dr. Cole will continue to develop the expertise and skills built around C2G over the course of time.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a product derived from a patient’s own blood cells. When used as a treatment for hair loss, it is injected directly into the patient’s scalp. It is comprised of growth factors that support the healing process and promote tissue regeneration. These growth factors improve hair caliber and growth. Often, PRP will be combined with another great product, ACell, in order to produce maximal post-operative hair regeneration. When used in conjunction, these products can provide a sustained release of growth factions, yielding even better patient outcomes

Repair surgery basically refers to improving the cosmetic appearance of a previous hair restoration surgery. Dr. Cole offers every type of hair-related repair. He is a master of strip scar repair, shotgun scar repair, hair plug redistribution, hairline repair, and cobblestoning repair just to name a few. The oldest technique of hair transplant is referred to hair plugs because of the large size of hair groups transplanted. Oftentimes, these types of hair transplants may look good at first, but as hair continues to be lost, the result can be devastating. These types of transplants also result in unnatural looking hairlines. With Dr. Cole’s CIT method, he can remove individual plugs and redistribute the hair follicles creating a much more acceptable hairline for these patients. CIT FUE is also ideal for repairing any type of scar. Again, hairs can be chosen from the donor area to find the best match to disguise the scarred area.

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Our Patients Say...

Cole Hair Transplant
Cole Hair Transplant5/5 based on166 ratings.
The CIT Hairs Are Growing !!!!

Hey doc, I wanted to see if I could get some before pictures of my head, and pictures of the work! My hair is growing and is seems to get thicker by the week. The hair in my scars are also growing! The hairline looks great and I could not be happier unless I grew all of my hair back. Thank you for working on me and repairing Dr. Rossanelli's mess I really do appreciate it. Please let me know about the pictures, I can't even remember what I looked like before the operation. I hope things are going well. Thanks for the help and tell everyone I said hello.

Rating: 5star
5 out of5

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