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Optimal Coverage and Natural Hairline with a Small Number of Grafts

On March 5, 2012 our patient received 1434 grafts into his frontal area. He received ACell and PRP treatment on the day of his surgery. I shot the last two photos on 06-21-13 and was very impressed by his 1434 graft result. Our patient is extremely pleased with his result as well. His hairline and transplanted hair looks completely natural and no one would ever know he had hair restoration surgery. We are commonly seeing much quicker healing and earlier growth in patients who are treated with ACell and PRP. Cross sectional trichometry at the 15 month mark did not indicate thicker hair caliber but on the other hand, Hair Check did not indicate miniaturization which is generally the norm due to the progressive nature of MPB.

This case is an excellent example of how a skilled hair restoration physician can achieve optimal coverage and a hairline that looks 100% natural with a small number of grafts. Dr. Cole’s strategy, expertise and artistic skill saved our patient a great deal of money.

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