03 May

Extracellular Matrix Used on Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan

American ArmyEngland’s Daily Mail posted an article this morning about the use of extracellular matrix (ECM) products to help repairs the wounds of soldiers injured in Afghanistan. According to the Daily Mail, ECM has been successfully used on severely wounded soldiers.  In one gaping leg wound, ECM was able to grow nerves, muscles and ordinary tissue where that had been none.

The Cole Hair Transplant Group has been offering ACELL treatment for our CIT® hair transplant patients for several months now.  ACELL is one of the preeminent extracellular matrix products available today.  ECM regulates cell behavior and stimulates cells through a variety of growth factors.  ECM products are derived from pig bladder and, in some cases, can stimulate the regeneration of normal tissue.

At The Cole Group, ACELL treatment involves the careful application of the ECM, in powder form, to a patient’s recipient and donor regions.  With ACELL treatment, CIT® patients can expect more rapid and complete healing post-surgery.  Dr. Cole is currently studying whether ACELL may reduce the appearance of hypopigmention that some FUE patients develop in their donor region.  There is also interest in whether ACELL may be able to stimulate stem cells left behind in the donor region, and potentially induce the growth of new hair.

If you would like to read the complete Daily Mail article, click here: Magic 'Pixie Dust' made from pig bladders helps 'regrow' limbs of wounded soldiers

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