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Great hair transplant results via small sessions are completely possible. The main focus should always be post-procedure upkeep. We offer thorough instructions after each procedure. Small sessions can be ideal for those prone to swelling, with advanced balding, or seeking to budget their transplant.

The Norwood Scale and Extent of Session

norwood scale hair loss stages

Used to assess the degree of balding, the Norwood Scale classifies the extent of hair loss in men suffering from male pattern hair loss. This scale includes 7 classes, with level 7 having the most extensive level of hair loss.

For example, we recently had a patient in our office presenting as a Norwood 3A. Patients diagnosed as 3A present with hair loss in the frontal hairline and vertex area. Early hair loss in the crown area can also be visible among patients in this category. This particular patient received 2701 total grafts over four procedures. Due to his personal budget, he opted to undergo multiple transplants and receive a small number of grafts each time.

A Word on Budgeting Hair Transplantation

Small sessions are actually quite common. Many patients find themselves seeking a hair transplant but unable to afford large, expensive procedures. If that is the case, this has proven to be a great solution. A limited budget does not mean you cannot achieve the level of coverage you desire, so you shouldn’t let your budget interfere with the results you wish to achieve. Rather, you can still achieve your desired result a little at a time. This patient in the above before and after photo became familiar with Dr. Cole after moving to the Atlanta area a few years ago. Dr. Cole’s signature non-invasive, non-shaven CIT® procedure to fit his needs perfectly. He underwent four procedures over a 12-month period and mentioned not even his hairdresser noticed the transplant surgery. Although CIT may seem to be a bit more expensive, the cost really pays off with results like these. Additionally, depending on size, location, and hairstyle few people to no one can detect that a hair transplant even just 2 – 3 days after the procedure. This specific patient's hair transformed to look the way it did when he was 30 years old. Who wouldn’t want to look 20 years younger in just one year? These gradual results definitely paid off. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you too may want to consider several small FUE sessions to achieve a great result.

Hair Transplantation Aftercare

Following post-procedure instructions are vital. Small sessions may be ideal for some patients but they require the same concern as larger procedures to ensure good results. Among other things, patients should initially be mindful of:

  • Touching the Scalp
  • Direct sun exposure
  • Physical strain, including exercise 
  • Hat tightness; the looser fitting, the better 

Results and recuperation will happen quicker depending on the use of treatments such as CRP and ACell. Most clinics recommend baby shampoo during recovery. While nontoxic it also lacks ingredients that best facilitate recovery. To help further ensure the best results possible Dr. Cole has also researched and developed a line of aftercare treatments under the brand Hair Cycle.

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