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Why should you consider hair transplant surgery? Many reasons. Self-perception and social reception both matter. What are you looking to communicate through your looks? Hair is one of the cornerstones of style and self-expression. Many people struggle with hair loss and, as a result, lose confidence from anxiety. Other people suffering hair loss believe those with a full head of hair enjoy greater social preference. This is why Forhair takes its work seriously. We fully understand what hair restoration means. Our patients notice a difference in their personal relationships, their professional networking, and their everyday sense of happiness. Hair restoration, we find, often puts more spring in our patients' steps and opens their mind to opportunities they had not noticed before. Ultimately, these changes in our patients' lives is what makes our contributions towards hair restoration so gratifying. lives is what makes hair restoration such a gratifying field to contribute towards.

Forhair Hair Transplant Photos

With over 25,000 patients served, we have plenty of hair restoration photos. More important, our photos show ACTUAL hair transplant results. Honesty is crucial for both overall innovation and the success of each individual procedure, exactly why we never airbrush hair restoration photos. Visitors of our gallery can search hair restoration photos via Norwood Scale, transplant type, number of grafts, complimentary treatments, and specialty procedures. As important, our hair restoration photos include all the procedures we offer, including repair work; over 40% of our patients request we repair previous FUT and FUE transplants from rival clinics. This array of photos are purely meant to provide visitors with concrete examples of the quality they should expect. Browse our hair transplant before and after photo gallery to see over 100 cases.

Forhair Video Gallery

Welcome to our hair transplant video section! We include examples of CIT (FUE), BHT, scar grafting and repair, C2G, plug removal, and close-ups of results to show how the techniques we use are unique. We also include some patient testimonials and hair restoration information videos by Dr. Cole. These videos explain his use of ACell in patients receiving CIT and how it activates stem cells in donor areas, regenerating 30% to 40% of hair follicles. Put simply, this means 1300 to 1400 new strands of hair for every 1000 grafts. Talk about cost efficient! He also talks briefly about Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) scars and how they can widen from multiple FUT procedures.

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