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PRP ACell Treatments: A Great Option for Either Sex

Woman patient PRP Results

PRP ACell Treatments: A Great Option for Either Sex, Forhair

A 44 year-old female patient presented to Cole Hair Transplant last October looking for a solution to her hair loss. After consulting with Dr. Cole, the patient decided to approach her hair loss with the administration of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and ACell. The PRP used during this treatment was a 5X concentration of platelets. The patient recently returned to the office this September to have cross-section trichometry performed to measure the success of her treatment. Cross-section trichometry revealed increased hair growth in multiple areas during her one year follow-up. She also received her second treatment of PRP and ACell during her visit. She is happy to know this treatment is producing visible hair growth and to have a viable alternative to hair transplant surgery.

Before Photo (Provided by the patient)

prp acell results

After Photo (Shot with the office camera)

Prp Acell Results after

Cross-Section Tricometry Results Before and After

The cross section trichometer (CST) is a device that was developed to measure the mass of hair.
Hair mass is directly related to both the density and diameter of hair and is important when determining the degree of hair loss as well as hair growth in response to alopecia treatments. The device works by directly measuring hair mass of a cross sectional area of a hair bundle in designated locations of the scalp. HairCheck is a commercial CST device Dr. Cole uses to clinically evaluate changes in hair mass in response to thinning, shedding, breakage, and hair growth in men and women treated for alopecia. The chart below shows increases in hair mass at 7 of the 8 locations measured with CST, leading us to conclude the initial PRP and ACell treatment this patient received is in fact causing an increase in hair growth.

prp acell study


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