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By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

Patient TRU

This is an interesting case because, over the past decade, there have been very few cases involving large follicular unit procedures dating back to 1994. Large follicular unit sessions had not been performed prior to the latter part of 1992 when the first 1000-graft sessions were performed.

The result of a mega session of follicular units has proven durable over time. As of this posting, the result is 27 years old, still looks natural, and still provides coverage.

Patient Information

  • Norwood Scale:Type 6
  • Additional Treatment:CRP (Cytokine Rich Plasma), ACell
  • Crown:Yes
  • Number of Grafts:7000
Patient TRU, Forhair

Presented as an early Norwood six pattern in his early thirties, the patient underwent four mega sessions consisting of over 1000 follicular units followed by a few small touch-up procedures over the next six years. At the time he underwent his first mega session, his procedure was one of the first of its kind globally.

After Dr. Ray Woods pioneered the technique, Dr. Cole was among the first to use it and to successfully perform it. The patient will be returning to add some hair along his part line, which is becoming thinner because of the natural progression of hair loss.

Because his donor area has nearly reached its maximum capacity, he must continue with regenerative medicine and eventually turn to beard hair if he needs more coverage.

With time, you will notice thinning along the lateral margins and the lower part of the crown area. This process underscores the importance of regenerative medicine to maintain your hair.