By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

Patient EEE had his first procedure with Doctor Cole in 2016. The procedure consisted of 2,200 grafts. The patient had the desire to lower his frontal hairline. His hair loss was not very aggressive for someone his age. After evaluating his donor area, the number of follicular units available was average. However, the number of hairs per follicular unit was above average. His donor area consisted of many 3’s and 4’s hair groupings per graft. While most physicians merry their patients to one punch, cases such as patient EEE do not respond well to the one size fits all. Most physicians limit their procedure from 0.85 to 0.9-millimeter size punch.

Patient Information

  • Procedure Type:CIT (Cole FUE)
  • Norwood Scale:Type 3
  • Additional Treatment:CRP (Cytokine Rich Plasma)
  • Shaved Donor Photo:yes
  • Number of Grafts:2200
Patient EEE, Forhair

While it does hold true that a smaller punch results in less visible scarring to the donor area, It is not beneficial for a patient with a high number of hairs per follicular unit. The smaller punches will transect the grafts thus reducing the viability of the extracted hairs. The patient had finer hairs on the sides of his donor and a 0.85-millimeter punch was used for extraction. The more medium caliber, high-density grafts required a punch size ranging from 0.85 to 1.25 millimeters.

In addition to having a transplant, the patient was involved in a study comparing regular P.R.P and sonicated P.R.P or as doctor Cole named it C.R.P. The C.R.P was injected into the right side and the standard PRP on the left. The right side had more re-growth than the left side.


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