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How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Doctor?

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How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Doctor?, Forhair

how to find hair transplant doctor In order to receive the best hair transplant possible, it is imperative that you carefully research and select a leading hair transplant doctor for your surgery. It is important to understand that the skills, experience and aesthetic results of hair transplant doctors can vary widely.  As hair transplant results are something you will live with for the rest of your life, it’s important to make the right decisions from the very beginning.

Finding the right Hair Transplant Doctor

A good place to start your hair transplant doctor research is through an independent organization, such as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) or the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS).  These organizations endorse selected physicians based on their ethics, high standards of care and superior results.

Keep in mind that, although many physicians may claim that they perform hair restoration surgery, it is important to find a hair transplant doctor who is highly experienced in this type of surgery, and preferably one who performs hair transplants exclusively (versus jack-of-all-trade cosmetic surgeons who may only perform hair translants a couple of times a month).

Narrowing Down your Search

Try and get an idea of particular hair transplant doctors’ philosophies on hair transplantation.  Some are quick to perform aggressive procedures with little regard for future hair loss; others take a more conservative approach.  Make sure your selected hair transplant doctor’s approach is in line with your desired results and expectations.

As you narrow down your search, try to answer the following questions about the hair transplant doctor you are considering:

  • From where, and in what year, did the physician obtain his/her medical degree?
  • Where is the physician licensed to practice?
  • Does the hair transplant doctor hold membership in any hair transplant-related societies or associations?
  • Has he/she attended, or presented at, scientific conferences and workshops relating to hair restoration surgery?
  • Has the physician published any peer-reviewed and/or scientific articles/studies?
  • How long has the physician been performing hair restoration surgery?
  • Does the physician practice hair transplant exclusively, or does he/she also perform other types of cosmetic surgery?
  • How many procedures has the physician performed, and how many procedures using the technique you are considering having?
  • How many hair transplants does the physician perform per week/month on average?
  • Does the physician have a large number of high-quality results photos/videos/testimonies?
  • Can the hair transplant doctor provide you with a list of former patients, that you can contact, as references?
  • Is the physician the sole surgeon at his/her practice, or are there multiple physicians?  Can the physician assure you that only he/she will be performing your surgery?
  • Is the physician’s office staff helpful, informed and willing to answer any questions you have?
  • Did the physician, or any office staff, make you feel pressured to make a decision before you are ready?

Two factors that you will likely consider in your hair transplant doctor search, but that should not be ultimate deciding factors in your decisions are:

  • Location of the hair transplant doctor/clinic
  • Physician/clinic cost per graft, or per procedure

Although these two factors sound like very important and obvious considerations, your choice of hair transplant doctor is one of the most significant decisions you will make when undergoing a procedure.  You will live with the results of your hair transplant for the rest of your life and it is imperative not to select an inexperienced or unskilled physician simply because they are inexpensive or their clinic is in close proximity.  In order to assure that you receive the best hair transplant possible, take your time making the all-important decision of who your hair transplant doctor will be.


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