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Introduction to Hair Restoration

Hair restoration refers to the surgical treatment of hair loss. When performed by a highly skilled expert, hair restoration surgery can provide a life-long solution to hair loss, with results so natural that not even a hair stylist can detect…

Hair Restoration for Men - Root Causes of Hair loss

When researching hair restoration for men, one of the first questions patients ask is ‘what is root causes for my hair loss?’ Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, stress, illness and medications. However, the…

Hair Restoration Reviews - Real or Fake?

Before undergoing hair transplant surgery, patients are always eager to read hair restoration reviews. There are countless hair restoration reviews on various surgeons and techniques- but how does one weed through the hype and find out the real story? This…

Hair Restoration Treatment - Frequently Asked Questions

Does hair restoration treatment really work? Yes! Hair restoration treatment has come a long way from its somewhat crude beginnings and hair restoration surgery is currently the only permanent solution for hair loss. Today’s hair transplant surgeons are capable of…

How Much Hair Restoration Cost?

When deciding whether to undergo hair transplant surgery, a universal concern is how much hair transplant will cost. In recent years, not only has the quality of hair restoration increased dramatically but so has the value. The ability for hair…

Is Medical Hair Restoration Right for You?

Medical hair restoration involves the surgical transplantation of hair follicles from the permanent zone, at the back of the head, to thinning or balding regions of the crown, top or frontal hairline regions. Medical hair restoration can be a great…

What To Expect When You Undergo Hair Restoration Surgery?

If you are concerned about hair loss, you may have considered undergoing hair restoration surgery. This is a surgical procedure in which a physician removes hair follicles from the permanent zone, at the back of your head, and transplants them…

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