Hair Growth Timeline Post-op Hair Transplant

The general rule in regard to new growth is that 70% of results are expected at 7 months post-op and 80% at 8 months post-op. In approximately 1 year the patient should achieve final results, This post-op hair transplant growth timeline will show you what to expect in the days and weeks following surgery
  • The Day Following Surgery

    Recipient - Patients are instructed to wash their hair gently so that the scalp is free of any blood.

    Donor - Expect some soreness, tightness and possibly some numbness. With FUE, some oozing in the donor area will occur.

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  • Scabbing is Largely Gone

    Recipient - Scabbing is largely gone. Moderate redness may be present. Some swelling may appear on the forehead. Generally, the patient will have no discomfort in the recipient area.

    Donor - Soreness in the donor area begins to disappear. Some numbness may continue

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  • Swelling

    Recipient - Any significant swelling may settle across the bridge of the nose and around the eyes and cheeks.

    Donor - In the donor area only, any residual crusting can be removed with directly running shower water.

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  • Redness is Faint

    Recipient - Swelling usually has subsided. Redness is faint or absent. The hairs transplanted look and feel like a week-old beard.

    Donor - Soreness is generally gone. Rarely, some persistent numbness remains. The donor area is usually healed.

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  • Grafts are Firmly in Place

    Grafts are firmly in place.  Any residual crusting may be gently scrubbed off.

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  • The Transplanted Hair Begins to be Shed

    Recipient - The grafts are permanently in place and cannot be dislodged. The transplanted hair begins to be shed. Patients may return to normal shampooing, brushing and combing and may get haircuts.

    Donor - Numbness is uncommon.

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  • The majority of the transplanted hair has been shed.

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  • Resting Phase

    The follicles enter a resting phase. You will look very much like you did before the procedure.  Patients may dye their hair.

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  • The newly transplanted hair starts to grow, initially as very fine hair. Some or all of the original hair that was shed begins to grow back.

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  • Grow & Thicken

    Hair is groomable, but it continues to grow and thicken. Slight textural changes in hair are occasionally present.

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  • Follow-up

    Patients are seen in follow-up. If a second session is considered, it will be discussed.

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  • Final

    The final appearance of the hair transplants can begin to be appreciated.

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  • Additional Fullness

    Additional fullness may appear over time. Any textural change in hair usually returns to normal.

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