Donor Recharging

With FUE or CIT®, there is often a concern that the donor area may be depleted, or that too many grafts will be removed, leading to a thin or patchy look. Over-harvesting may occur if the patient has very low donor density but still demands hair transplant surgery, or if an inexperienced surgeon does not realize the consequences of aggressive, early hair transplantation. Patients with fairly advanced hair loss will often find themselves in a balancing act between adding enough hair to the balding area, and leaving enough in the donor region to avoid a thin appearance in the back and on the sides.

There are a number of advantages to opting for donor recharging, a technique used to achieve partial donor replacement. Body hair can be extracted and used to fill in gaps in the donor area where scalp hair has already been harvested. This is a great use for body hair because it disguises the appearance of thinning in the back and sides of the head, it adds backs some of the pigment that is lost when scalp hair is harvested, and it may allow for more scalp hair to be taken in the future if the balding process advances. It can also help lessen the appearance of “white dotting” that may remain where scalp hair has been harvested.

This hair transplant procedure is ideal for those with more advanced degrees of hair loss and those who wish to get the maximum amount of scalp hair from their donor area. We are pleased to offer donor recharging: one more potential solution for hair loss sufferers.

Donor Recharging - Examples

This is an example of a Norwood Class 6 patient who had almost 6,000 scalp grafts harvested via CIT®. A little more than 50% of the donor extraction sites were then grafted with CIT® donor recharging. The result is that the patient is able to wear his hair very short without any evidence that surgery has occurred. This hair style would not be an available option to the patient if he had this amount of grafts harvested with strip method, even with optimal strip scar healing.

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Here are close up images of one of the first patients to have CIT® donor recharging. The auricular donor areas were treated with CIT® donor recharging. He was also a Norwood Class 6 who needed a lot of donor to be able to reach his hair transplant goals. Almost 20% of the existing hair in these auricular areas has been harvested, yet even upon up-close examination, it seems that nothing has ever been done. In this area, body hair grafts were placed in 90% of the scalp hair extraction sites using the CIT® donor recharging method.

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