C2G : Non-Shaven Hair Transplant

Patient’s who do their homework prior to a hair transplant procedure know that strip procedures offer few benefits over CIT®. The only true benefit up until recently has been the capacity to keep one’s hair longer with the strip procedure. CIT® on the other hand required patients to shave their heads in order to perform a larger procedure. For some this required careful planning so that they could shave their head and migrate back into their usual lifestyle. Shaving the head can make the patient nervous because it can result in a drastic change in one’s appearance.

For some, this simple factor became the driving force behind their decision to undergo a strip procedure rather than take advantage of the less invasive CIT®.

Not anymore. The new C2G technique allows the patient to keep their hair at their normal hair style during and following the CIT® technique. Now patients can have the best of both worlds. They no longer have to put up with the pain and the strip scar associated with strip procedures and they can still maintain their normal hair style.

With C2G one can add a thousand or more grafts in a single procedure and return to work the next day without any sutures or the concern about what one’s strip scar will eventually look like.

CIT® results in more hairs per graft, which spells more bang for your buck. CIT® has a lower transection rate than strip based follicular unit transplantation. CIT® produces no linear scar. One cannot predict the width of the strip scar or the eventual color. Some strip scars will be white while others will be red. With CIT® you do not need to worry about the strip scar.

Now with C2G, you can have all the advantages of CIT® without having to shave your head. The technology built around C2G will continue to develop over the course of time. Patients to date overwhelmingly endorse the new C2G technique as they can easily move back into their usual daily lives with full discretion.

I had a CIT non-shaven procedure...I appreciated the time with Dr. Cole and his commitment to customer satisfaction. He went beyond the agreed to number of grafts to ensure the result would be satisfactory. Him and his staff took the additional time ensure a natural look that so far is exceeding expectations.


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