By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

WNT Act: Forhair’s New, Patented Cell-activator Hair Spray

WNT act treatment

WNT Act is an exciting new hair restoration treatment we believe excellent for post-op. Equally effectual for both sexes, WNT Act is the first product ever to energize and signal the WNT pathways on a genetic level. Such pathways, in turn, are the very first to initiate follicular generation and growth. The results are great. After 60 days patients typically have a 7% increase in hair density and a 10% increase in hair diameter.

The treatment is different than Propecia or Rogaine but is just as effective for hair transplant and hair loss treatment. Using WNT Act, therefore, creates added thickness and health in conjunction with these two treatments. Hair retention is also a benefit of WNT Act: balding stops and thinning areas begin regrowing.

WNT Act Hairspray LS3

The Science Behind WNT Act

WNT pathways are essential for hair follicle growth and generation. Additionally, WNT is vital for follicles to further grow and remain healthy. People with less WNT pathway activity have thinning or balding spots. This is because of the DKK1 androgen, WNT’s prime inhibitor.

According to research, methyl vanillate activates WNT messengers. Methyl vanillate is also an all-natural ingredient without any known side effects. Combining this superior ingredient with trehalose, a protein stabilizer, enables users of WNT Act to better apply the spray.


before after hairgrowth wnt act
wnt act hair growth 1 month

WNT increase by 32% after 60 days’ use of WNT Act. Just as significant, there is a 21% decrease in DKK1. The results speak for themselves: patients achieve a 10% increase in hair diameter and a 7% increase in hair density. Quite impressive, no negative effects have been reported.

WNT Act works separately from Rogaine or Propecia. This means that using this WNT Act increases density in addition to the benefits of whatever other hair treatments you use. It is now possible to increase hair density by 20%+ via treatments alone.

Patients Have Every Reason to Start Using WNT Act

The world’s first unisex hair restoration treatment, WNT Act is equally effective for men and women. Its all-natural ingredients are proven to work. Just as important, WNT Act complements other hair restoration treatments like Propecia and Rogaine. Learn how looking great and having thicker hair can be so easy.


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