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realself top doctor atlanta hair transplantThe following testimonials are from actual patients who chose Forhair. Almost every day we receive letters of thanks from former patients. We greatly appreciate them for taking the time to praise our clinic and their results. The testimonials below feature Forhair patients who generously allow us to use their words. Their stories focus on their actual experiences and results, detailing what they thought of the procedure, our clinic, and their hair. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and find them as inspiring as we do!

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The Forhair Clinic

God bless you all!

All of you has helped me to change my life into something great.

I can now finally show everybody the great guy I am…..and now I no longer have to hide behind some terrible hair.

God bless you all

From the happy Dane ;)



Patient CF


Rating: stars

The Forhair Clinic

Trust Me, With Him You Can't Go Wrong.

Hi everyone, It's been almost 14 months since Dr. Cole fixed my hair. I am one of those repair cases you hear or read in forums. I had previous bad procedures and my donor was depleted. After almost 5000 grafts with the other clinic, I ended up with nothing more than a wall of plugs in my hairline. Most of them never grew and the ones that did, like I said before, were plugs. Through Dr. Cole's CIT technique, he and the team were able to de-bulk and redistribute most of the mess that was there. Then using only around 340 grafts plus the ones he had already redistributed, he was able to give an impressive cover up for my frontal third. I have a thinning crown, but unfortunately my donor resources are gone. I am looking forward for a PRP and ACell procedure with him some time next year. Anyways, thank you all and if someone is reading this looking for some advice, stop looking around...GO TO DR COLE, HE IS DEFINITELY THE BEST. He will manage your donor with great care and the results are incredible. If I had a time machine, I would go straight to Dr Cole, so for all of you considering a hair transplant, don't learn the hard way but through others experiences. This is going to be one of the most important decisions in your life, trust me, with him you can not go wrong.

Rating: stars

The Forhair Clinic

I just wanted to thank you all for making my first experience at your clinic a very positive one

Dr. Cole and Staff I just wanted to thank you all for making my first experience at your clinic a very positive one. I had looked at different web sites for 2or 3 years before making my decision on which one I would choose. On my first appointment to see Dr. Cole, he made me feel confident that the decision I was making was a good one. I liked him right away and there was no pressure put on me to have the procedure. Dr. Cole and his staff are great and work very hard. The procedure I had was very time consuming and I saw how dedicated he and his staff were. The procedure was not painful and I didn't even need pain pills after the surgery. I had no swelling and the scabs are about gone after the first week. I am looking forward to my next procedure to address the hair loss in crown area. I will take some photo's to show my progress. Thanks again

Rating: stars

The Forhair Clinic

Just wanted to thank you

Hi Brandi - just wanted to thank you, all the staff and of course Dr.Cole for everything last week. The whole experience was stress free and everyone was very nice and concerned about my comfort and very professional.

Rating: stars

The Forhair Clinic

Check in

Dear Dr. Cole, As one of your returning patients, I wish to share my experience with your non-strip procedure. It offers a testament to the advances that you have made over the years. About five years ago, I underwent a strip procedure that included about one thousand grafts. The most invasive part of the procedure was the strip taken to harvest the grafts. The procedure was easy for me. Most important is that I was delighted with the results. I recently underwent your non-strip procedure to fill in another area of my scalp that has started to thin. I didn’t have my head shaved. Grafts were taken from underneath my hair. Transplant site incisions are so small now that I could hardly see them. Your surgical procedure for hair transplantation has become sophisticated to the point where I wouldn’t even call it a surgery. I am confident that I will be pleased with the result. I just need to wait a few months to see the results coming in. You remain a caring and committed physician. I can’t imagine anyone experiencing hair loss even hesitating to see you. Thank you again.

Rating: stars

The Forhair Clinic

FUE Procedure Back in Summer '07

You did an FUE procedure for me back summer '07.

You probably don't remember distinctly, as you spend a lot of time staring at the backs of peoples' heads, but I just wanted to let you know that the one very long, laborious 12 hour day you spent working on me has made every day since more enjoyable. For some bizarre, primitively archetypal reason, it's important to have hair!

I can imagine the labor part of your work gets pretty tedious and repetitive, so I thought it was important to simply remind you of what a significant impact your work carries forward in your patients' every day lives.

Rating: stars

The Forhair Clinic

Grateful Patient

Dear Dr. Cole,

Thank you once again for the absolutely incredible job that you and your ENTIRE staff did yesterday during my procedure. It amazes me that you are able to take a meticulous, manually intensive process, turn it into an art-form and then systemize it to the point of near perfect consistency. The fact that your staff this year was EXACTLY the same as your staff last year speaks volumes to the type of business that you run and the pride that your team takes in it's work. Everyone in the room yesterday demonstrated impeccable professionalism, unwavering respect, and kindness. It is no accident that you are considered the foremost expert and leader in the field of hair transplantation. There are countless horror stories available on the internet and in everyday life which painfully demonstrate the devastating effect that a poorly performed hair transplant can have on a person. At the very least your work is boosting someone's confidence and self-esteem and perhaps allowing someone to hold on to their youth a little while longer. At most, your work is saving someone's life who was disfigured at the hands of an unethical doctor who didn't think that a hair transplant was "all that big of a deal". What you do is incredible Dr. Cole. You tell a person what they need and not what they want. You properly set a patient's expectations upfront. You demand the very best from your talented staff. And you treat your patients as people, not as customers. Thank you again for everything. Have a truly wonderful holiday and a fantastic 2009 - ditto for your staff.

With great respect,

Grateful patient

Rating: stars

The Forhair Clinic

Great Hair Transplant Experience

I'm more than impressed so far. The only down side was the swelling. it got really bad around day 3-4 and drifted down towards my eyes.

Other than that it's been kind of amazing. Very little pain. The donor area was red for about a week but the recipient area...I'm not sure if everything went okay because the scabs were gone in about 5 days and there was no redness. no redness. I got a haircut on day 8 and my barber guy's jaw dropped on the floor. You couldn't tell that anything had been done other than the fact that i had a lot of little hairs underneath my other hair. No one has any idea that I had anything done. Most of the hairs in the recipient area have not fallen out. I'm not sure how long that normally takes but they've already grown twice as long and are over 1/4". I had my hair cut pretty close on the sides and back and you can't see anything. It's all pretty impressive. I actually keep forgetting that I had this done. numbness and everything is gone. It dawned on me today that I needed to write back to you and I honestly haven't thought about the procedure in over a week. So strange. I already have the feeling that this is the best money that I've ever spent. We'll see. Ask me again in a month after I've made some payments.

Rating: stars

The Forhair Clinic

Hair transplant for the cleft lip scar

I am satisfied with the results. I am glad i did it and i think i should have looked in to it several years ago. It is not realistic to expect that it will change my life, but I am pleased that I did it for me.

Read the complete original testimonial on the blog

Rating: stars

The Forhair Clinic

They do not believe me

Dear Dr. Cole

I searched all over the Southeast for the best hair transplant available. After meeting with many Doctors and patients, we made a decision that I have never regretted. Dr. John Cole and the team at The Cole Hair Transplant Group were the best I have ever seen. I was treated with the highest of respect and in a very professional way.

I have been pleased with the surgery for many years now. When I get a hair cut and tell the stylist that I had transplant hair replacement - they do not believe me. It is the most professional transplant available anywhere that I have ever seen. I have seen some pretty horrible jobs from other Doctors who do transplants.

I know you will be very pleased with the work of Dr. Cole and his staff. If I can assist you in any way, Please do not hesitate to contact me again.
God bless you and I wish you the very best.
I am including a couple recent pictures with a full head of hair! You can have it too!

Bishop W. Wayne Pugh
Senior Pastor
Church Alive International
Atlanta/Loganville, GA



Bishop W after

Rating: stars

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