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The following testimonials are from actual patients who chose Forhair. Almost every day we receive letters of thanks from former patients. We greatly appreciate them for taking the time to praise our clinic and their results. The testimonials below feature Forhair patients who generously allow us to use their words. Their stories focus on their actual experiences and results, detailing what they thought of the procedure, our clinic, and their hair. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and find them as inspiring as we do!

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ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

A Surreal Experience

Dear Dr Cole,

I've been balding since I was 19, now 50, so I know how to maintain. My younger brother who looks like my twin is a Norwood 7, donor is thin too, told him a HT is not an option. He never used anything to maintain, didn't believe in it. Been slicking my hair back lately so people at work have been calling me Pat Riley, getting many compliments on how much I've grown. This past Friday 5 guys inspected my scalp in my office because someone mentioned that I went to Atlanta and there's a good HT doctor down there that's my I have so much more hair. They finally concluded it's way too natural to be a transplant, must be the propecia and minoxidil foam, good work!!!

Anyway just got into a relationship with a beautiful woman. Thanks Again.



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ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

Thank You Dr. Cole

You have an excellent staff. They were all very professional and dedicated. I appreciate you and your team's efforts. I gave Jack a card with a bunch of different gift certificates in it. I figured since you helped me out with the extra grafts then giving you guys the gift cards could be the least I could do. To be honest I can't remember everyone who worked on me but please make sure they all get one.

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ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

The doc is in

Been really busy. Very happy w/ the results thus far. Please let Dr Cole know that I am greatly appreciative of what he has done for me. There was a period of time when I thought that my life was practically ruined thanks to previous doctors. I couldn't leave the house- not w/o a hat. I felt helpless and pissed off. I look and feel completely normal again! no more hats. I don't think that my patients, my family, or anyone else can tell that I have a HT. I have only the highest opinion of Dr Cole and his work is truly grateful. God Bless him. I look forward to sending photos soon.

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ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

2739g CIT & 1020 BHT Japan Man

Posted by "Japan Man" on the forums

My recovery is going exceptionally well. I am following the recovery instructions to the T. By the end of day 5, 70% of my scabs fell off. By the end of day 6, 95% of scabs are off. I have not had any shedding and the HT have doubled or tripled in length since surgery. I really didn't expect that. My hairline looks very natural and you cannot tell the hairs were transplanted. I am still waiting for my scabs to fall off in the donor area and the remaining hair to grow to add coverage. Another 4-5 days and you won't be able to notice anything was done. ***. I look a few years younger already.

Please thank Dr. Cole. They were awesome. The staff were great also. If I need to come back in a year or so for more work, I will not hesitate to do it again.


Talk with you soon and thanks for everything.



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ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

For the first time since 1973 I am free

Posted by EH For the first time since 1973 I am plug free...I can't thank you enough!! I just want you to know that I just came from my Doctor to have the stitches removed and he was amazed with the quality of the work. Dr. Cole, you advised me on Friday that I may be red in the removal area for a while,but as of right now some areas of removal have almost totally healed. My Doctor said I was hardly red at all. As of today I would say a third are pink,and some just look like small red dots not detectable at all with the way I wear my hair. Overall the skin around the removal site is normal color. This only four days post!! Again many thanks for the dedication and support . The only negative of the entire experience was how sore my ass got from sitting in the chair. Next time in Atlanta I will stop to show you the results,and I will also try to send some pictures by the end of the week. All the best, EH

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ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

My experience

Hi Michelle, so far so good. Today is the 1 week mark, and the scabs are slowly coming off, and the religious use of the Biotin spray from appears to have reduced the redness to nil. The donor area is growing out nicely, and there's no pain or discomfort at all. Come to think of it I didn't have any post-op pain or swelling.
Dr. Cole's a pro's pro at this business, and I know I made the right choice by choosing him. It made for a nice little vacation from my business, and the Residence Inn provided a relaxing place to hang out. You're a nice group of folks, and if I'm back in the area I'll stop by to say Hi, whether I have another session or not.

Best, S

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ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

"Nobel Victim" in Atlanta

Hi, in case I enhance my well deserved reputation as a wind bag (going on a bit) I will keep this post short. I have just got back to the UK after another wonderful experience at Cole's clinic.

This time I was aiming to fill in my hairline with another strip of aprox 1000 grafts, but I think the final count was a good deal more than that.

I am just 12 days post ht now and my donor area is fine, my stiches are falling out, I can sleep on the donor site, and my hairline has looked fine for about a week, you guys are just so good.

In addition to the expected delights, of Dr Cole et al, I also got to go for an extra sandwich (in addition to my grinder!) with some of the team after work. Just to give any readers an example of how great these guys are hairtec not only got me a natty little bandana to wear to the cafe, but offered to wear one himself to deflect attention from me while we were out.

I think the world of all you guys, thanks again for a great trip.

your friend


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ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

"WRF" E-mail testimonial (experience)

Email Testimonial: Attention John Cole, MD During the past three days it was my privilege to be your patient at the IHTI where I received outstanding restorative hair care from you and your surgical team. I know that you are well aware of the superb skills of your specialty and support staff. However, please permit the following comments based upon personal observation. From the beginning of my referral and initial telephone contact with IHTI, it was evident that the physicians were supported by a dedicated and enthusiastic staff. During my first visit it became apparent that the cohesiveness of your group was in large measure due to your demonstrated professionalism and dedicated efforts as a leader and mentor. Your superior surgical skills were enhanced by your sensitivity to individual patient needs. Your entire staff demonstrated a similar rare sensitivity to my total needs. I would like to recognize each one and will look forward to receiving the correct spelling of names, as per our conversation. Many laudable statements may be made concerning the traits of those with whom I had contact. Compassionate, kindnesses, consideration, social and cultural awareness of the needs of patients, a great sense of humor are but some of them. I am very appreciative of your dedicated efforts. You are very fortunate to have so many fine individuals on you staff. Let me take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and deep appreciation for the outstanding professional services rendered to me and to wish you continued successes in your research and treatment endeavors. I hope I have sufficient scalp donor follicles to restore the hairline. If the esthetics of the body hair is pleasing, I should have adequate donor reserves. I am doing exceptionally well and hope to see you again. Doc, enough said! Your achievements genuinely place you among the elite of the profession! My personal wish and prayer for each of you is that the many kindnesses shown to me will be returned to you a thousand-fold. WRF

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ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

Benny's testimonial-quoted from e-mail

Thanks for the newsletter. It's Benny, the complementary repair case from October 2003. Happy New Year to all there too.

I'm back at university thanks to the big improvement in my appearance from the surgery. I just got my first semester in 10 years' results back. 3 A+'s and 2 A's. Not too bad after my 10 year layoff. :0) I'm studying for a Geography degree. I am interested in Demographic/Urban/Economic Geography issues with some Environmental aspects as well. I plan on using Computer Mapping and GIS skills I'm learning to have an interesting career. Thanks for helping me make this possible.

Thanks again. It seems like such a long time ago I was down there in Atlanta. I'd love some of that warm weather. Here it's -40C lately and I think that's about the same in Farenheit when it's that cold. Brrrrr.

I'm not very involved at all in online forums anymore. I find it too upsetting and anxiety causing. And with my studies I have to spend alot of time doing schoolwork. I do a lot of studying, and it's nice to see it paid off my first semester back with the A's and A+'s.

Say hi to everyone for me. Good luck spreading the word on FIT. And have there been any good "chair parties" lately?

BTW, why the Finnish on your Christmas Card? I love it. I was an exchange student in Finland in '92-'93. Mina olin vaihto-oppilas. Kuka on Suomalainen Atlantassa? Mina unohdan liian paljon suomea. Hyva Jolua ja Onnalista Uuden Vuotta!

Thank you again for helping me get my life back.


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ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

Luckoftheirish in the NY seminar

Dr. Cole and Forhair,

It was truly a pleasure to get to speak with you gentleman with weekend. The seminar was very interesting to me and certainly worth the bus ride from Boston.

Over the past couple of months I have been getting increasingly upset and depressed about my hairloss. Seeking help from HT "doctors" made it a lot worse because they all said I had average hair and that I should get surgery. Some things that Dr. Leonard said to me were particularly upsetting (he even discouraged me from shaving my head. What a jerk, I'm 24.). I suppose I knew that I was being lied to but when a person is worried about hair they tend to internalized these types of comments. My buttons were being pushed and it did mentally hurt me for sure.

My point is I feel a lot better about my situation after speaking with both of you. I truly do. I think I like doctors who employ densometers and logic in consultation - instead of just salesman and boobery. Thank you for respecting my intelligence and being honest and concerned etc (man, you guys are funny too). At last, I feel as though my hair is a manageable problem. When it becomes unmanageable I believe I know who to call. I'll be saving my paper route money until that day (and harassing Pat Hennessy).

Forhair, your hair looks very good and undetectable.

Dr Cole, you are like a cat, nobody knows where you've have been.

Thanks you for your help guys, I feel a lot better.


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