C2G: No-Shave Hair Transplant - All the Results of CIT®, None of the Shaving

The top choice for hair restoration, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and similar techniques' one major drawback is shaving donor areas. Many candidates forgo the groundbreaking procedure to preserve their current hair length and style. Instead, they select no-shave FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) -a procedure that offers inferior results and noticeable scarring.

Not anymore! Patients can now undergo FUE hair transplant, including CIT®, without needing to change their hairstyle. No-shave CIT®, what we call C2G, offers patients superior results while remaining discreet and within a reasonable hair transplant cost of surgery. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new procedure!

No-shave FUE (C2G)

Receive FUE Without Wearing a Hat the Next Day!

Offering all of the advantages of CIT®, C2G also has one major benefit: no pre-procedure shaving! Dr. Cole's innovative tools are actually perfect for the method. The FUE no shave technique is perfect for patients that want to return to a daily routine fast and hide any evidence that they undergo hair restoration surgery.

FUE vs No-shave FUE post-op donor

C2G is ideal for patients who value the best possible post-procedure appearance. Busy professionals particularly value the method's discreteness and short post-op recovery. Receive C2G today and return to the office immediately after. Forhair is among the first clinics to offer the no-shave technique.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is currently the world's most effective hair transplantation method. It has several key advantages over Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), including:

  • Less scarring -At most, FUE leaves "moth hole" scars rather than the highly noticeable lateral scar from FUT
  • Better hairlines -In the hands of a specialist, FUE is far more accurate than FUT
  • Faster recovery -FUE patients can often begin work the very next day
  • Precision -Specialists are better able to predict FUE outcomes than FUT

FUE will continue gaining prevalence as it develops and branches out. Today, specialists may use robotic machines, mechanical utensils, and more. Each has its strengths and detractions. None, though, really compare to Dr. Cole's innovative Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®). Read more about FUE vs. FUT hair transplants

CIT®: The Next Step in FUE

CIT® makes significant improvements to FUE. The method uses minimum depth invasion, leading to several benefits that generic FUE does not offer. These include:

  • Less scarring -Minimum depth invasion leads to far less scarring, if any
  • Denser hair -CIT® has a success rate of 97%
  • Stem cell retention -CIT® leaves stem cell remnants in donor areas, offering a chance of follicles to regenerate

While far more effective than FUT, CIT® has had one detraction: the requirement of shaving for surgery. This is actually the one reason why a client would choose FUT -the patient's hair can cover the procedure and its lateral scar. New advancements in CIT®, however, are making options more available.

C2G -Keep Your Current Hair and Restore the Rest

Those considering no-shave FUT now have an alternative: C2G. Patients that must, or prefer, to keep their hairstyle can now enjoy the benefits of CIT®. Electing the FUE no shave technique rather than no-shave FUT brings numerous benefits. They include:

  • Minimum depth invasion -Leaves stem cells and features minimal scarring while no-shave FUT leaves a lateral scar
  • A better hairline -It'ss far more precise than no-shave FUT
  • Greater hair density -It has a lower transection rate than no-shave FUT
  • Faster recovery -The post-op treatment requires far less care than no-shave FUT

Patients overwhelmingly endorse C2G. A developing technique, Forhair typically transplants 1,000 grafts per session. The additional time these procedures demand, however, is well worth the wait. C2G combines the best of both worlds, allowing patients to remain discreet while also adding density and improving their hairline. Find out more today by scheduling a free consultation.

C2G and Hair Restoration Treatments

Many of our patients undergo hair growth treatments after their no shave procedure. These reparative mixtures use growth factors to stimulate follicle growth and scalp repair. Two types are most common:

  • PRP -An advanced treatment from the patient's own blood that stimulates cellular regrowth
  • Cytokine Rich Plasma -A concentrate six to eight times more potent than platelet-rich plasma (PRP), CRP is an advanced treatment from the patient's own blood that stimulates cellular growth
  • ACell -A treatment that repairs and nourishes hair follicles

Combining these treatments has several benefits. Most notable is a sustained release that continuously nourishes the scalp. Post-op applications bring marked improvement to growth and density. Further, the combined treatment helps regenerate stem cells in the extraction site. This leads to 30% to 40% of regeneration in C2G extraction sites -or 300 to 400 new follicles for every 1000 grafts. This is huge! Hair transplants will often only *relocate* follicles from one area to another. C2G plus ACell is among the only hair transplant strategies that increase hair count.

C2G: Discrete Restoration, CIT® Results

I had a CIT non-shaven procedure...I appreciated the time with Dr. Cole and his commitment to customer satisfaction. He went beyond the agreed number of grafts to ensure the result would be satisfactory. Dr. Cole and his staff took the additional time ensure a natural look that so far is exceeding expectations


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