Hair Transplant Patient Confidentiality

Confidentially in my hair transplant procedure is very important to me, who will know that I am there? You asked Forhair, here is the answer.

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Many patients are fine acknowledging they have had a hair transplant surgery. Some will even offer themselves as references to other patients or contribute before and after photos. However, many patients, most in fact, are not as keen to share that they have enjoyed a hair transplant surgery.

Want to maintain one's confidentiality makes total sense. Patients may feel insecure about people knowing about the hair transplant, or otherwise may feel knowledge of such could jeopardize some opportunity or another. That mentioned, hair transplantation is becoming more and more commonplace. There is also far less stigma attached to the procedure nowadays, with many public figures and celebrities acknowledging they have received a transplantation.

All reputable clinics, nonetheless, always respect the patient's confidentiality. Forhair is no different. Patients looking to minimize knowledge of their transplantation should know they will only interact with a patient coordinator, the surgeon or consultation specialist, and surgical team. Aside from the patient's primary physician, who must provide Forhair with a recommendation, no one else need know the patient is receiving a transplant.

A hair transplant clinic with global renown, Forhair is also quite used to patients traveling long distances. The clinic makes the point to recommend several hotels for the patient to use during the visit. Aside from being quality lodgings, these hotels are also quite used to Forhair patients. Expect lodging staff to both respect confidentiality and to be aware of the patient's special needs, such as additional towels or a sheet for the recliner.

Patient confidentiality is a right, not a privilege, and Forhair takes it seriously. Established clinics such as Forhair have also served tens of thousands of patients, at the least. Those who volunteer for before and after photos, or to be a patient reference, always have the clinic's thanks. However, for every patient that decides to showcase their results, there are plenty who decline but are perfectly happy about their transplants.


Only your patient coordinator and the doctor will know you. We try very hard to protect your privacy. Also, patients meet the techs once surgery begins. The staff of hotels we recommend also respect our patient's confidentiality, which is just one of the reasons that we recommend them.


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