By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

Hair Transplant Results – Patient SFD

Patient SFD photo results

This patient is a great example of the truly transformative power of hair restoration surgery. The patient was so pleased with the outstanding results that he has even graciously allowed us to use his photos on our website, The after photos have been provided by the patient and were not taken in our clinic as the patient lives overseas.

As a Norwood Stage III, this patient did not have an advanced degree of hair loss but regretted undergoing a previous procedure, at another clinic, to lower his hairline. This patient contacted Dr. Cole in July of 2009 with the goal of restoring his natural frontal hairline and adding density to the front of his head. He also sought to have some scar grafting done to camouflage his linear scar from the previous procedure.

This patient underwent a shaven CIT procedure consisting of 2,654 grafts over a two-day period. Dr. Cole was able to remove 25 plugs from his previous procedure. Due to this patient’s fine hair and below-average density, Dr. Cole created a slightly higher hairline for a more natural look that will age well. The bulk of the new grafts were placed along the hairline and frontal third of his head, while a couple hundred were placed in his scar.

We’re so pleased to report that Dr. Cole was able to, not only restore this patient’s hairline but restore his confidence overall. Your transformation is truly remarkable and we are so happy for you!


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