By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

Patient Information

  • Procedure: CIT (Cole FUE)
  • Norwood Scale: Type 5
  • Number of Grafts: 1600
  • Additional Treatments: CRP (Cytokine Rich Plasma), ACell

Our patient had his first hair transplant procedure with Dr. Cole on September of 2014. He received 2145 FUE scalp hair grafts and Harvest PRP with 50mg of ACell. One year later in 2015, he had his second 1545-graft surgery with Dr. Cole. Recently, on the morning of October 31st. 2017, approximately 2 years after his second procedure, our patient had these result photos taken which are posted here. These photos reflect the result of his first two procedures. With careful styling he was able to cover some thinner areas toward the back of his head. Our patient prefers to forgo the styling approach and had 1618 additional grafts placed in his crown a few days ago on November 1, 2017. He also received CRP this time with his procedure. We are expecting results from his final procedure to begin around mid February of 2018, so these photos posted here are only the result of his 1st. and 2nd. procedure. There are many benefits to having FUE. One is, you can have multiple surgeries without the increased risk of a widening strip scar. We sometimes hear about FUT (strip) surgery being less expensive than FUE. Often times men who have had strip surgery cannot wear their hair short in the back without revealing their scar. Strip scars can be improved by placing FUE grafts into them. The added expense of additional grafts into a strip scar is just one of many reasons more and more patients are opting for FUE.


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