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By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

Patient MOR

Witness Morty’s (Patient MOR) incredible hair transformation, a journey that defied the odds and turned his hair loss nightmare into a triumphant tale of restoration. From the initial signs of receding hairline at the tender age of 19 to a shocking Norwood 5 pattern by 31, Morty’s desperation led him to consult five different doctors. But it was Dr. Cole who proved to be the savior, carrying out not one, but two procedures that utilized a whopping total of 3,950 grafts. And that was just the beginning.

To ensure maximum results with minimum side effects, Dr. Cole employed a groundbreaking combination of topical finasteride and regeneration cocktail treatments. These interventions not only improved the quality of Morty’s donor characteristics but also prepared the recipient sites for optimal implantation. The outcome? In just four short months after the initial operation, visible growth was already evident. And now, a staggering 18 months later, Morty has emerged from the darkness of complete baldness with a head full of seriously impressive locks.

Prepare to be amazed by Morty’s astonishing hair restoration journey, where science and expertise came together to defy nature and restore confidence.

Patient Information

  • Norwood Scale: Type 6
  • Procedure: FUE Hair Transplant
  • Number of Grafts: 3950
Patient MOR- Front