By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

Patient DEL had an aggressive hair loss pattern for someone his age. There was little hope to provide a strong reinforced front hairline, let alone restoring the entire balding area and there were concerns that he would progress into Norwood 7 which would reduce donor availability even more so than before.

Patient Information

  • Procedure Type: CIT (Cole FUE)
  • Norwood Scale: Type 6
  • Additional Treatment: Regenerative Medicine
  • Shaved Donor Photo: yes
  • Crown: Yes
  • Number of Grafts: 9485
Patient DEL

When our patient first came to the clinic, his hair loss was too far advanced for treatment. However, after being told that there were no options left and losing all hope he began treating himself with medication every quarter which started improving the quality of existing hair as well regrowth from new ones each time we visited!

patient DEL had maximized the results he would see from the medication at one year mark. His dedication and consistency in restoring his hair prompted him to become a candidate for hair FUE restoration, but he had a long way to achieve a full set of hair. It was advised to the patient to focus on the front scalp and schedule a follow-up to address the crown area for his initial procedure. The doctor explained to him that the best approach is to create the illusion of full hair in the front scalp, but if he want to fill the crown it will require the original density that he had before the hair loss started to appear full.

The patient agreed to the doctor’s recommendations and arrived at our clinic in Atlanta for his first session. When he arrived for his first procedure he was a Norwood 6. Before the surgery, the nurses began taking measurements of his donor density and noticed a low and below-average number of follicular units per cm2.

Patient DEL’s 1st procedure consisted of 3,297 grafts and all the available regenerative treatments. The response to the hair transplant procedure was extraordinary. In addition, his donor area responded cowed well to the Acell treatments, and the grafts grew far faster with the CRP. After his first procedure, he had a total of 6 procedures and 9,485 grafts in total doubling what was expected for donor harvest

The patient has now achieved his goal of having a full set of hair. However, he is fully aware that Though his donor area is not taped out, it is very limited and he will have no choice but to continue to fight the battle against further hair loss. With daily topical finasteride treatments, it seems like he might be able to keep his hair for a long time.


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