What size punches does Dr. Cole use?

FUE hair transplant can product little dots in the donor area, What size punches does Dr. Cole use?

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The size of punches Dr. Cole uses in a procedure depend on the patient. A highly specialized cosmetic surgery, near all hair transplant surgeons use specialized tools. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT) does not require individual extractions and therefore does not use a punch. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), however, does use punches to extract either one follicle or a cluster of them.  

One of the first pioneers of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Dr. Cole has found that many hair transplant surgeons' early work was stymied by the lack of instruments to the trade. He innovated a few specialized punches for his own use and, after seeing the difference they make, released them under the brand Cole Instruments. He has continued to invent a number of instruments and updates since then, and now uses over 30 different instruments during his procedures, according to the patient's needs.

Punch size in hair transplant surgery is always dependent on a few factors. First, in actuality, is the size of the procedure and location of the recipient areas. Dr. Cole will use larger punch sizes and extract clusters of hairs, sometimes up to five, for certain portions of a transplant; almost always areas that in no way impact the hairline. Precision matters, however, and the patient should expect that Dr. Cole will implant either very small clusters or individual hair at the hairline and neighboring areas for authenticity's sake. This system both decreases the time of the procedure, Dr. Cole's times conducting his namesake FUE variant Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®) matches the rate of FUT at this point, and leads to stellar results.

Far as actual punch sizes, Dr. Cole typically ranges from 0.8 mm to 1 mm, depending on the extraction. Some surgeons will decrease the size to 0.6 mm in an effort to prevent scars. However, the depth of penetration is what actually causes most scars -wider punches merely increase the chance of it because of the penetration's width. CIT® may use slightly larger punches but it is also one of the least invasive FUE variants in the world and is well known for leaving minimal, if any, noticeable scars. The benefits of CIT® are actually quite numerous and include donor regeneration, a first in hair transplantation, and far greater control in graft placement. Visit our CIT® page to learn more about their unique FUE variant.


Dr. Cole’s technique and instrumentation involve proprietary information that we are not authorized to disclose. However, we can tell you that Dr. Cole uses over 30 different instruments and customizes each procedure, and the tools and techniques used, to the particular patient. Dr. Cole has found that no single method or instrument works equally well on all individuals.

Other physicians and their representatives like to insinuate that Dr. Cole uses large instruments that leave excessive scarring. This is a scare tactic and simply untrue. Dr. Cole’s results speak for themselves and you can see numerous examples of donor areas post-CIT procedure in our photos and videos in our website’s results section.


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