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Groundbreaking Developments for FUE Hair Transplantation!

Dr. Cole has been offering ACell treatment to his Cole Isolation Technique (CIT) patients since the product received FDA approval for use in humans. We are pleased to report that we have seen some remarkable benefits to this treatment already.  In addition to promoting rapid and complete healing post-surgery, ACell appears to hold great promise in improving the aesthetic result in the donor region post-transplant.

Some Follicular Unit Extraction patients develop small white dotting, or hypopigmentation, in their extraction sites.  With the use of ACell, we’ve seen some evidence that this product, delivered to extraction sites, may help prevent hypopigmentation altogether.  We have even observed a small amount of hair re-growth in extraction sites treated with ACell. In the wake of such promising findings, Dr. Cole has determined that it is now time to proceed with clinical trials to evaluate the true capabilities of ACell.

The Cole Isolation Technique is being even further refined with the incorporation of Dr. Cole’s newest motorized instrument.  This equipment makes the extraction process faster, using smaller punches, than ever before. With his powered follicular extraction device, Dr. Cole has the capability to safely remove up to 6,000 grafts in a single day.  We are hopeful that the widespread adoption of Dr. Cole’s techniques and this instrument will ultimately make quality hair restoration surgery more affordable and accessible to hair loss sufferers worldwide.

With these new developments, not only do we have the potential to help more hair loss sufferers, but patients can expect even better aesthetic outcomes than ever before. Most significantly, progressing away from strip surgery means that patients can receive these results without the threat of a tell-tale linear scar.


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