By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

Acell Donor Site Healing and follicle Regeneration

Donor healing

The following patient (Watch video) had a prior strip hair transplant procedure performed in the middle and the right side of the scalp. We performed over 1900 grafts which we placed to the frontal scalp to lower his hairline and make his hair transplant appear much more natural. You can see that 3.5 months after his procedure, there is no evidence other than the patient’s pre-existing strip scar that any procedure has been done on him. In that we have placed grafts into his strip scar, we anticipate that this donor area will look as natural as possible with the exception of the strip procedure that was performed initially.

ACell is the developer, marketer, and manufacturer of regenerative products under the brand name MatriStem. MatriStem originates from the porcine urinary bladder. It is a sterile, extracellular matrix that works by repairing damaged tissues through regenerative healing. Urinary Bladder Matrix (UBM) seems to fundamentally transform the healing response by offering indicators to the host immune system that arouses an adaptive response, favorable for wound recovery. Considerable research has been conducted on UBM and its features have proven valuable for countless wound and surgical functions. For this reason, ACell offers products geared specifically toward different types of surgeries such as wound care, urology, gynecology, and gastroenterology. ACell offers its extracellular matrix products in both a powder and sheet form depending upon the surgical treatment.

Following a hair transplantation procedure, ACell is promptly placed into the donor area where extractions have been taken. The administration of ACell attracts and directs stem cells resulting in the regeneration of new hair follicles on the donor site. Our exclusive Forhair technique helps donor areas regenerate hair follicles following surgery, and replenishes the donor area supply. With minimal depth extraction, the CIT technique leaves follicle stem cells in the donor area. Between 10% and 75% of donor extraction sites have shown some hair follicle regrowth. Upon application, ACell utilizes the body’s own processes for tissue regeneration and stem cell activation. In addition, our ACell treatment improves the appearance of the donor area following surgery by stimulating the regeneration of other skin structures.


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