Forhair is Another Great Reason to Visit Atlanta for Hair Transplantation

Patients rightfully search long distance for their hair transplant surgeon. They also have many reasons to travel. Aside from procedure quality, traveling to another location assures privacy and anonymity. A leading clinic within the Southeast, Forhair regularly welcomes patients from around the world. We are always happy to assist you in making the best of your visit.

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Atlanta City Night Life

One of the U.S.' leading cosmopolitan centers, Atlanta has plenty of attractions and natural beauty. Visitors can pursue a wide range of activities, as well enjoy fine dining and local events. Forhair's research dedication to healthy, effective practices assures your procedure leads to impressive results and minimum recovery times. Still, hair restoration can be nerve wracking for many patients. We do our utmost to accommodate your needs, including suggestions for hotels and local spots to relax and enjoy your time here. Atlanta has a slew of cultural centers that are both entertaining and edifying. Many of our patients make the point to absorb the local culture and explore the city. Please, ask us about upcoming attractions or research them yourself. We will inform you of any required pre- and post-operative appointments so you can plan your visit accordingly. We look forward to your visit!

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Flight Arrangements

After booking your surgery we are ready to make flight arrangements. We recommend all our patients to check Kayak and Matrix Airfare Search for the best flight rates, though be sure to also check with your local travel agency. The most convenient arrival destination is Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). After you confirm your flight we will help with your hotel reservations. For international flights to the USA we advise to first check if you have a valid passport to travel overseas. If your passport is expired you will have to renew it at least 3 weeks before booking your flight.

Need Help with Your Travel?

Forhair's doctors and staff prioritize your comfort and convenience. We often perform hair transplant procedures for patients traveling overseas or from other states. In fact, approximately 80% of our patients come from outside the Atlanta metro area. Our innovative procedures are often ideal for a fly in/fly out basis: patients enjoy quick post-op recovery and can start work the very next day. We are always available to assist patients with any concerns they may have. For travel assistance please call the office: 1-800-368-4247 (HAIR) or 678-566-1011
Visiting the U.S.

Visiting the U.S.

Traveling to Forhair from outside of North America? You may need to contact American authorities to first obtain a visa. Such documentation generally requires 3 to 6 weeks. Booking a visa, if necessary, should happen after scheduling your procedure but before booking your flight. Visa requirements may be waived for citizens or nationals of the following countries (who are staying for less than 90 days) by applying for the Visa Waiver Program online at:

We are happy to assist in any travel needs such as booking a hotel (discounts provided) and shuttle services.
Think you may need help? Contact Nikolas at 678-203-2821 for a personal assistant.

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These airlines specialize in travel to the Southeastern United States.

Continental Airlines - Visit the Continental Airlines web site at for reservations.

Delta Airlines - Visit Delta's web site at for reservations.

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