By Dr. Cole, FUE Hair Transplant Pioneer

18th Annual ISHRS Scientific Meeting in Boston

Cole Instruments exhibition
18th Annual ISHRS Scientific Meeting in Boston, Forhair

ishrs 2010Cole Instruments was a featured exhibitor at the 18th Annual ISHRS Scientific Meeting in Boston earlier this month. Tesfaye Gutema, Ph.D. (Engineering Manager), Emilie Kirkup (VP of Sales and Marketing), and Kathy Lue (Surgical Technician for Dr. Cole), were all on hand to demonstrate a number of products in the Cole Instruments line. We introduced our Assist to Extract (ATOE) devices publically for the first time, which were met with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. Physicians were also eager to snatch up our Graft Processing Boards, which come in two versions (one for slivering and one for cutting), and provide a back-lit work area.

We once again demonstrated our Counting Incision Devices, which keep track of recipient sites digitally and accurately. These devices, intended for single-use only, were met with particular excitement from top clinics in the UK, where disposable instruments are mandatory due to infection control. Our Assist to Hairline Design (AHDs) units were another popular item among attending physicians. These lightweight plastic devices aid in hairline design and symmetry. Physicians from around the world were also captivated by the footage of Dr. Cole’s new power extractor in action. With this device, he is able to extract over 2,000 grafts an hour while maintaining a transection rate of just 3.4%.

We are excited to share many of the pioneering products Dr. Cole has developed over the years, and anticipate that we will continue to be industry leaders in terms of innovation and results for a long time. Constant advancement in the hair transplant field is of the utmost importance to Dr. Cole. He invests a significant portion of all IHTI profits into research and design, with the goal of continuously advancing our knowledge, and refining our ability, to produce the best hair transplant results possible for all patients.

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