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FUE Scar Repair Results 9.29.2014

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Our patient came to us looking to improve the appearance of his strip scar. This patient had previously undergone 4 strip surgeries at another clinic, causing a 21cm wide and 2cm high strip scar. With each subsequent strip procedure, a patient increases his risk of a larger strip scar. Dr. Cole has hair grafted into this region. 5cc of ACell was injected into the scar along with the 443 scalp hair grafts. Dr. Cole has found that the administration of ACell and PRP during transplant surgery improve the graft survival rate. When performing scar grafts, a low-density placement of hair during the first surgery is beneficial for both graft survival and blood supply, thus setting an optimal environment for the placement of future grafts. The benefit of added density is an improved appearance when hair is worn in a shorter hairstyle. The goal is to make the scar blend with the rest of the patient’s hair. While some of our patients have told us that other hair transplant physicians do not recommend scar grafting as a means to strip scar repair, we can only conclude this advice is based on the concept that scar tissue will not grow hair. However, as we have seen with our patients, this is simply untrue, especially with the addition of ACell and PRP. This patient has quite an improvement in his strip scar even with as little as 443 hair grafts.

Before the FUE scar repair:


17.scar before head

18.scar  before left

19.scar before front



5.scar after front

6.scar after close up

7.scar after left

8.scar after left2

9.scar after right

10.scar after right2

11.scar after close up

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That is very impressive progress.
I'm male 40 years old, my hair start shedding 2 year ago and I'm going bald now. I think I got that gene from my dad...It was very frustrated at the beginning but after 2 years I just decided to accept it and find a solution instead. I been researching for a while about everything, I think a transplantation will save my life ..
Most of the case I read is about FUE but its quite expensive .. but it seems safe and deliver good result.. would you please advice me on this .. as I read it's using new advanced techniques as well ? And should I take FUE or FUT ? Please reply or send me an email

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Dr. Cole has developed cutting edge regenerative treatments such as Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP), follicle stem cells, and micro particles. We are currently studying adipose stem cells for future treatments. The CRP increases density by 50% and prolongs the life of your hair. Dr. Cole is conducting studies on follicle stem cells. A clinic in Italy recently performed studies, and patients averaged a 22% increase in density. I attached the article

I discourage you from having the strip method. FUT causes traction alopecia. This will lead to more hair loss overtime. FUE is far less invasive, and yields a better result. However, the result really depends on the physician. If you have a strip, make sure it is a physician that has performed FUT for a long time. The same goes for FUE. There are many new FUE physicains out there today because less people want a strip procedure. These doctors are novices in the field, and yield poor growth.

Nikolas Cole
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Strip or FUT is indeed cheaper but you don't want to go to that route. As you said, FUE combined with PRP and our stem cell treatments is a better and safer option and in my opinion the only valid option. Maybe this video will convince you:

Please contact us at consults or click on the "online consultation" to send photos and information (on the top of this page), it is free and we will give you a better idea about your options, no obligations

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