Shaving before body hair transplant

If I have a body hair transplant, do I need to shave my body hair? You asked the Forhair Clinic, here is the answer.

Category: Before Surgery (Pre-Operative) FAQs

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Patients either receiving a Body Hair Transplant (BHT) or CIT Donor Recharging Procedure must wet shave the donor areas four days before the surgery date. The shaving itself should be done with shaving cream and a blade razor.  

As hair transplantation progresses new options become available. The advent of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is particularly versatile, leading to a number of variants. BHT, a relatively new procedure, is particularly useful for patients who lack the donor follicles necessary for FUE or, in Forhair's case, Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®).

BHT functions very much like FUE. During the patient's consultation, reputable clinics will conduct a follicle count; the French program Hairmes in Forhair's case. Clinics learn how many donor follicles are available from this count; essential for counting possible grafts without making the donor area too sparse. Patients who do not have enough donor hair, or would like a more significant graft count, can then decide if they would like to consider BHT.

BHT grafts have a different texture than head follicle grafts; typically coarser and curlier. However, they serve as filler for behind the hairline. This allows the surgeon to lower the hairline further without the obvious appearance of a different texture behind it. The overall effect, if done by a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Cole, is indistinguishable from a regular head of hair.

BHT, however, is different for each patient for a number of reasons. Because of this, Forhair requires BHT candidates to undergo a small test sample. If the grafts are successful and convincing then a large procedure can commence.

BHT from Forhair is particularly beneficial due to CIT®. Among the least intrusive FUE variants the world over, CIT® in combination with ACell leads to 30%-40% donor regeneration; or the regrowth of 300 to 400 donor follicles for every 1000 extractions. This is very useful for maintaining density if patients should want to undergo another procedure.  


Patients having a body hair transplant or CIT Donor Recharging procedure must wet shave all the body hair with shaving cream and a blade razor four days prior to starting surgery date.


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