Do i need to mention any medical condition?

During the hair transplant procedure, it is important yo avoid any complications that can risk the entire procedure, Do I need to mention any medical condition? You asked the Forhair clinic and here is the answer:

Category: Before Surgery (Pre-Operative) FAQs

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Yes, It is extremely important to mention all of your medical conditions, it needs to be in the consultation stage. The clinic will then collect all your medical history and contact information prior to your hair transplant surgery, the reason we need this information is to ensure there are no conflicting conditions or medications that might complicate the hair transplant operation. Again, If you have ANY medical conditions, please notify the office immediately! Do not wait until the week prior to surgery. Medical conditions include but are not limited to high blood pressure, heart murmur, diabetes, blood disorders (easy clotting etc.), hepatitis, asthma, epilepsy, liver problems, or any condition that you are under a doctor's care for.


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