Can i keep my hair long before hair transplant?

Can I keep my hair long or do I need to shave it before my hair transplant procedure? If I need to shave, how short?

Category: Before Surgery (Pre-Operative) FAQs

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These are the options for treating your hair before selected procedures:

  • 1) SHAVEN DONOR AREA (Strip FUT or Partial-shaven method) - For full shaven, the donor must be shaved to the scalp with a zero guard, for partial-shaven the back of the head will be shaved to the scalp with a  or a #1 clipper (the whole back of the head) and above ears. If you have prior scarring, it will be visible until the hair grows out.
  • 2) NO SHAVE DONOR AREA (C2G) - Hair must be at least 1 inch in length, preferably 2-2.5 inches (This technique requires Dr. Cole to cut one at a time individual follicular units.). If your hair is too short, there are two options:
    a) We can shave your frontal region its normal length at the time of the procedure and that area will not have to be shaved; only the donor areas will be shaved.
    (b) Cancel the procedure and forfeit what has been paid.
  • 3) BODY HAIR - This technique uses available body hair as filler. Body hair cannot be used in the frontal hairline. We cannot guarantee this type of surgery due to the unknown difficulties or ease of extraction. Whereas, some individuals have shown results within 13-15 months there are some individuals that may experience a slower and/or no growth period resulting in no results or results inside 23-24 months plus.

Wet shave your body (Chest) hair against the grain two days prior to the procedure. Wet shave your body (Chest) hair against the grain two days prior to the procedure.
Wet shave your Beard Hair against the grain one day prior to the procedure.


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