When can I wash my hair?

When can I wash my hair after the hair transplant procedure? 

Category: After surgery (Post-Operative) FAQ's

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We recommend patients wait at least 48 hours before shampooing, and in a select manner initially, for good reason. Hair transplant surgery is less invasive than in the past. However, all current options still require recuperation time. Patients who do not follow post-procedure instructions significantly risk transplant dislodgement, or when transplanted grafts leave or are unanchored from the scalp.

Transplant dislodgement can happen through any number of reasons. Excessive rubbing of the scalp, sun exposure, strain, wearing hats too tightly, and failing to initially sleep in an upright position can all negatively effect transplants. Shampooing innately involves rubbing the scalp, and therefore poses a risk immediately after the procedure.

The initial risk of dislodgement or similar damage is exactly why we instruct patients to wait 48 hours, at minimum, before shampooing. Transplants require time to heal: most will not even activate as normal follicles for at, minimum, a few months without Cytokine Rich Plasma treatment: a unique serum from Frohair that hastens transplant recovery, growth, and health. However much time they need to fully recover and activate, however, any rubbing of the donor or recipient areas can impact results.

How patients initially shampoo is also critical. Shampooing in the shower is fine, but water pressure alone can effect transplants. As a precaution, therefore, patients should avoid directly rinsing their scalps with the shower stream. They should avoid letting it drench their scalp at all, in fact.

For initial shampooing, instead, patients should mix a cup of water with a gentle shampoo and pour it over the head several times, lightly rubbing the donor areas but not touching the recipient zones because doing so can, as mentioned, dislodge grafts.

Further, not all shampoos are as equally effective. Most surgeons recommend patients use baby shampoo, as it is free of irritants. Baby shampoo may be safe but it also lacks any ingredients that encourage hair health or retention, not to mention nutrients or protectants that facilitate fast hair transplant recuperation. For this reason, Dr. Cole has formulated a line of all-natural, clinically tested hair care products under the brand Hair Cycle.

These products are both ideal for hair retention and transplant recuperation, and include everything from shampoo and conditioner to specialized lotions and sprays. Learn more by visiting our Hair Cycle page or website.  


Starting 48 hours after surgery, you can wash your hair very gently. Fill a cup with water mixed with gentle shampoo and carefully pour it over your head several times. The shampoo can be gently rubbed into the donor area but do not touch the recipient zone.


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