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On this archive page, we gathered historical hair restoration news of Dr. Cole and the Forhair clinic dating back from 2011 through 2014. The news items including clinic news, new advancements, presentations, training sessions, and more.

CIT Hair Transplant In Asia (Korea and China)

Recently, Dr. John Cole met with surgeons in China. The meeting was scheduled in preparation for establishing a hair transplant center that offers economical CIT® hair transplant method.  The center will be headed by a team of hair transplant surgeons led and trained by Dr. Cole. At this time, several of the doctors have completed 6 months of on-the-job, one-on-one training.

Dr. Cole has already set up a clinic that offers CIT® (Cole Isolation Technique) in Korea.  The purpose of offering CIT® in Asia is to educate other hair transplant doctors to produce excellent results with the minimally invasive procedure.  Our operation in Korea is a part of our efforts to provide quality hair transplant surgery to all individuals in Asia. The most recent technology in CIT® hair transplant surgery is created at the main office located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Cole Hair Transplant Group offices all have the same common goal of satisfying each patient and making their visit a wonderful experience.

For additional information on low-cost CIT® in Korea & China, contact us at consults@forhair.com or visit www.forhair.com.  The Cole Hair Transplant Group offers free in-person consultations with Dr. Cole. The Cole Hair Transplant Group offers 18+ years of hair transplant experience and provides high-quality hair transplant procedures. It also specializes in the non-strip scar method of hair transplant and reconstructive hair transplants.

<Forhair Korea

Treatment Trial for Hair Loss Secondary to Alopecia Areata

This is an example of extreme alopecia areata. The affected area includes the eyebrows, front of the scalp, sides of the scalp, top of the scalp, the sideburns, and part of the back of the scalp.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune cause of hair loss.  Often times it will result in isolated circles of hair loss.  It often activates during periods of stress.  The cause of this form of hair loss is poorly understood.  It is often treated with topical or injected steroids.

We treated the area by injecting a combination of the patient's own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and thrombin.  The thrombin activates the PRP and the platelets release their growth factors.  Prior to treating the area with PRP, we used a 1 mm microneedle in 4 different directions to stimulate the scalp.  After injecting the combination of PRP and thrombin, we covered the area and left a coating of PRP on the surface of the scalp.  The patient will remove the dressing in the morning and then wash the scalp. 

Joe Greco has found that such treatments can be valuable in the treatment of severe forms of alopecia areata. 




Dr. Patrick Mwamba Visit to Atlanta

Patrick Mwamba visited our office today to see some of our new equipment devoted to CIT.  Patrick practices hair transplant surgery in Brussels, Belgium.  He noted how easily the PCID extracts grafts from the donor area with minimal effort due to the controlled extraction speed and the very sharp surrounded punches that Dr. Cole developed.  It was very good to catch up with him after a prolonged absence from our clinic.

Dr. Patrick Mwamba

Dr. Cole will be speaking at the 2012 Italian Society for Hair Restoration

ISHR_MeetingDr. Cole is planning to the 2012 Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery meeting.
This meeting, in its XIV year now, will be held in Rome from 24th to 27th May 2012 and as usual it will attract the major members of hair restoration societies and the specialists interested in the subjects that will be discussed.

Dr. Cole will present his latest advances in storage mediums for hair transplant grafts. Dr. Cole will present his new liposomal ATP solution that he soaks his grafts in and also his liposomal ATP mister that is used to nourish the grafts with ATP following surgery. With the liposomal ATP, Dr. Cole's grafts never go hungry. Dr. Cole will also present his findings using a crossectional trichometry reading called hair to check that allows Dr. Cole to better screen his patients for surgery, as well as spot early areas of hair loss before they become evident to the patient or the physician.

The ISHR meeting has become a well-established event and has been creating many expectations among colleagues because it represents, on a National and International level, a very important occasion in Hair Restoration.

Hair Transplant Training in China

Recently Dr. Jufang Zhang from Beijing visited our clinic to learn the latest advances in hair transplant surgery. She will take what she has learned and use this knowledge to improve the outcomes for her patients in China that suffer from hair loss.


Dr Jufang Zhang China

Cole Instruments is Coming to FUEPalooza 2012!

FUE Palooza

Cole Instruments is pleased to announce our exhibition at the 2012 FUEPalooza in Denver. Representatives for Cole Instruments will be demonstrating the product line and tools exclusive to Cole Instruments at our exhibit.  These include the Counting Incision Device, Cole Instrument Surgical Punches, and the Programmable Cole Isolation Device (PCID).

The Programmable Cole Isolation Device is a new mechanical extractor developed by Dr. Cole. Not only is the PCID the safest and fastest mechanical extractor on the market, but the minimally invasive device also allows for precise follicular unit extraction and best of all – No scalpel, no sutures, and NO LINEAR SCAR!

Dr. Cole is currently booking on-site demonstrations of the device and taking pre-orders on the first production.
For more information please call us at (678) 566-1101 or toll free at 1-866-603-5345.

Cole Instrument tools are developed to help provide the most optimal hair restoration surgery results possible. Our innovative instruments are designed to improve the quality of FUE procedures while simultaneously reducing physician time and making FUE more profitable.

To learn more about us please call or visit our website at Cole Instruments.

Presentation by Dr. Cole at the Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference

Dr. Cole has returned from the 1st. Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference which was held in Taiwan. Physicians attended this event from all over the world and the conference focus was on aesthetic surgery. Within the hair restoration category, Dr. Jerry Shapiro gave an interesting presentation related to data on finasteride. He basically confirmed that men who use this drug slow down their hair loss while very few actually grew any new hair. There are only a small number of men who actually see any improvement at all while using finasteride. Dr. Shapiro went over some other treatments on the market including Rogaine with nothing new to report there. Dr. Shapiro reported on nutritional supplements and their impact upon hair growth. This is an area of controversy because there is no medical or scientific evidence supporting improved hair growth by taking any combination of extra nutritional supplements. This is particularly true when the cause of hair loss is inherited MPB.

Before Dr. Cole gave his presentation, Dr. Bishara presented statistics on his miss rate with the Artas Robot which is one out of every six grafts. This is a completely unacceptable miss rate in Dr. Cole’s opinion. The level of technology required for an acceptable AI robotic hair transplant device as of 2013, is simply not yet attainable.

Dr. Cole’s presentation dealt with FUE (follicular unit extraction). The title of his presentation was “Mega Session FUE”. During his presentation, Dr. Cole demonstrated his proprietary surgical tools as well as technician teamwork procedures designed for maximum efficiency during hair restoration surgery.

Taiwan Award

Dr. Otavio Boaventura visits the Forhair Clinic in Atlanta

dr otavio cole

The forhair clinic had the pleasure to host Dr. Otavio Boaventura who completed observational training using Cole Instruments PCID at our Atlanta office.

Dr. Boaventura is a general surgeon and plastic surgeon certified by the Ministry of Education, Brazilian Medical Association Regional Council of Medicine of Minas Gerais, and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. Currently, he serves as a member of Mother Teresa Hospital’s team of plastic surgeons in Belo Horizonte.

Boaventura has specific research that focuses on reconstructive surgery of the face and scalp. Following Dr. Cole’s presentation in Malaysia, Boaventura chose to visit our offices to train on the PCID before purchasing the device to take home. While visiting the office Boaventura had extensive observational training learning about the depth control handpiece unique to Cole Instruments.

We gladly welcome visiting medical doctors to our offices for training and certification on our devices. Please contact us for more information.

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It was an excellent meeting with physicians from Taiwan, the United States, and Canada. I found the meeting and patronage most informative.

John P. Cole, MD
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Thank you forhair and Dr. Cole, i love your new site

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