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Body Hair Transplantation: An Option if Donor Sites are Too Sparse for CIT®

Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) is a unique procedure that combines body and scalp hair grafts. The technique is best for patients whose donor sites lack a viable amount of follicles for CIT®.

Like FUE, BHT began gaining recognition in the early 2000s. Only a handful of doctors currently practice BHT, also like FUE in the early 2000s, and its price is often comparable to the average FUE hair transplant cost. There are a number of different reasons why. These reasons include necessary skill and overall graft yield. Advances in the technique are improving results. Success rates, though, remain lower than CIT®.

BHT should be a last resort. However, we fully understand that BHT may be some patients' only option for hair restoration surgery. In fact, Forhair technicians excel at the technique and continue introducing new advancements as they develop.

BHT Requires the Right Blend and Density

The key to BHT is interspersing hair and body follicles for convincing results. Scalp follicles often consist of the hairline and then, going back, blend with body hair grafts. This is because body hair is noticeably coarser. It also differs by donor region -beard hair may be different than chest or thigh hair. Properly combined with scalp grafts, however, body grafts become hardly noticeable.

Counterintuitively, lower densities of hair transplants lead to better results. We do our utmost to place as many follicles together as is feasible for the patient.

As with everything hair restoration, we emphasize the best BHT results possible. Count on us to transplant as many body hair follicles as is feasible. Even more important, our BHT transplants demonstrate convincing blends that appear natural. At Forhair we know that each BHT case is different, one major reason we tailor our approach patient-to-patient.

We Conduct a Test Case Before Committing to Your Body Hair Transplant Procedure

We like to first try a small “test case” using 50 to 500 body hairs before jumping into long sessions. This helps us estimate what sort of growth yield you will achieve. Further, this allows you to evaluate the results before committing to a larger procedure. We are happy to then schedule a larger procedure after further consultation and analysis.

Body Hair Transplant Results

We also apply hair restoration treatments like ACell and Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP), our exclusive and all natural blood-based serum with five to eight times concentration of Platelet Rich Plasma. Both stimulate hair growth and scalp recovery. With CIT®, such advancements generate an average of 30% to 40% of donor follicles. This means 300 to 400 new follicles for every 1000 single extractions. The addition of these follicles can make all the difference, as BHT often has an 80% plus yield.

What can I say more? Results are very natural, I had a very light and no problematical post-op, hair and body hair (BHT) are still growing. I'm completely satisfied. Thats all.

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Can body hair implants on scar

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Yes, it can

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so there is only a 20% survival rate for BHT to head ?

bolivar hally
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No bolivar hally, more like 40-60% if you take body hair from the neck and down and it works well only on 25% of patients.
If you consider body hair we recommend beard hair. Beard hair works really well and does 60- 100% rate and also it works well in 100% of the patients.

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