Where will I stay while I am having surgery?

Where will I stay while I am having hair restoration surgery? You asked Forhair, here is the answer.

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Any reputable clinic typically, at the least, suggests places near the clinic to lodge. Forhair, for instance, has positive relations with several hotels. Most offer discounted rates to patients, as well are familiar with their needs. Further, they understand that pillows and sheets may become stained so patients needn't be self-conscious as with a generic hotel. Check out our Travel to Atlanta page for more info.

Of course, lodgings matter post-op. Forhair only selects lodgings with a reputation for quality service. Further, these hotels are conveniently located for the patient's convenience. Alpharetta, Georgia is half an hour from Atlanta, so patients also decide if they'd prefer their lodgings in an urban center or somewhere quieter.

Dr. Cole has a global reputation for excellence. Patients will travel long distances for a procedure, and, as such, Forhair is quite used to assisting patients with lodgings. That mentioned, hair transplantation is a growing industry. One result of this upsurge is the increasing difficulty in selecting an established clinic. Further, many clinics are turning to medical tourism as a way to market their services. Some are reputable but many are not, leading to some patients becoming victim to awful transplants that require multiple repair procedures.

Therefore, patients must first distinguish between reputable and non-reputable clinics. Deciding on a clinic hinges on a number of factors. The surgeon's reputation, the instruments they will use, and the clinic's results matter most. Disingenuous clinics will fabricate results or photoshop them to appear more impressive than usual so patient references are also important.

A leading advocate for patients within the industry, Forhair believes in a great patient experience. That mentioned, helping a patient find lodgings is easier than becoming a world-class hair transplant expert. Clinics that cater to medical tourism typically are using their region as an incentive, rather than the procedure's quality. Clinics like Forhair, meanwhile, attract glocal clientele due to the outstanding results. Questions? Contact us today!


Included in the surgery packet is a list of some lodging choices. These hotels are familiar with our patients and provide special services just for you. They respect our patients' confidential identity and offer discounted rates. They have kitchenettes where you can prepare your meals if you will be with us for an extended period of time. (Note: Please don't worry about the pillows or the sheets they are used to this and understand). We have provided web links that you can click on and schedule your stay.

* You can get more information here: travel information


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