Where is the surgery performed?

Where is the hair transplant surgery performed? You asked the Forhair clinic, here is the answer.

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Forhair has one clinic in Alpharetta, Georgia and two in Italy; one in Milan and one in Rome. All three maintain the top bar for excellence. Equipment is the best available, as are the surgeons and techs. Further, patients that select Forhair are some of the few who can enjoy Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), proven to be one of the industry's best options, and advanced hair growth treatments superior to generic options.

Patients should be aware that a clinic's location is not indicative of its quality. However, regional standards can vary a great deal. Patients looking into specialty clinics of any type should always conduct thorough research. Hair transplants are no exception. In fact, to remain competitive, many clinics, both new clinics and those offering generic cosmetic surgery, are offering hair transplantation in record numbers. However, because of the widespread adoption, there has also been a decrease in quality and increase in explosiveness.

A clinic with global repute, many patients of Forhair travel long distances. Forhair and other reputable clinics, due to their reputation and patients, often facilitate lodging for their patients with hotels in good repute. However, clinics vying to be competitive are increasingly using medical tourism as a marketing tool. There is a big difference between traveling to a reputable hair transplant clinic and opting for a questionable clinic offering a vacation package to an interesting locale. Never select a clinic off location alone.    

The truth is that a clinic's quality, no matter its location, matters in the complete. All elements are important; the clinic and equipment itself, the surgeon's and staff's skill, and patient management. Clinics that lack in any of these factors will lead to less desirable results. Patients of Forhair should always expect top quality service, advice, and medical expertise. Far as the clinic is concerned, all three are vital parts of patient advocacy; Forhair's primary value.


The hair transplant surgery is performed by John P. Cole, MD in Atlanta with the help of the Forhair surgical team, Our clinic is located in 1045 Powers Place, Alpharetta, Georgia U.S.A. We have alternatives for European patients in Rome, Italy. Call the office for more.


We are located in 1070 Powers Place Alpharetta (Atlanta), Georgia and we also plan to extend to a New York Clinic. Check our website's contact page and blog for updates.


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