What to wear during a hair transplant surgery?

What to wear during a hair transplant surgery? Do I need to wear special clothes on the day of my surgery? You asked Forhair, here is the answer.

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Hair transplantation is a long procedure so patients should choose comfortable clothes. Most hair transplant clinics keep their temperature low, so said clothes should also be warm. Patients should also avoid taking valuables with them; this is not due to the trustworthiness of the staff but, instead, due to the risk of the patient losing said valuable.

That mentioned, patients should also consider some caveats in regards to what they wear the day of the procedure and during recovery. Perhaps of greatest concern is the dislodgement of grafts. A risk for the first 10 days or so, graft dislodgement always adversely affects results. This is why Forhair and other reputable clinics stress sleeping upright for the first half week, avoiding heavy exercise or strain for the first 10 days, as well avoiding tight hats in favor of loose ones.

One often overlooked cause of graft dislodgement, however, are pullovers; t-shirts, jumpers, sweaters, etc. These types of garments are more likely to put pressure over the recipient site, thereby increasing the chance of graft dislodgment. To put it simply, imagine that putting on or taking off a crewneck each time leads to the further loss of follicles. Instead, patients should opt for upper garments that do not require stretching over the face. Button-downs are the safest bet, though polos or shirts with a partial button-down also suffice in most situations.    

Avoiding follicular dislodgement falls squarely onto the patient. Forhair and reputable clinics make the point to offer detailed post-procedure instructions. Complying with these instructions is vital for the best possible results. A clinic's quality and the surgeon's skill is of primary importance for a transplant's quality. However, all the surgeon's effort can go to wast if the patient is not careful during the immediate recovery; right down to the shirts they wear and their sun exposure. Questions? Contact us today!


We suggest the following:

  • 1. Wear comfortable clothing the day of your procedure, and bring a sweater & socks for warmth, as you may find our surgical center is very cold.
  • 2. Please do not bring any valuables to the office on surgery day.

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